Problems since update of system

I got it from my own personal experience. I have only ever booked AirBNB once about 7 years ago. My card was not charged until after my stay. Same way when I book a hotel or a rental car even today. (In fact I currently have a booking for a rental car next month that works that same way.) Maybe things have changed in 7 years. Maybe it depends upon the source of the charge. but the information isn’t erroneous. Just different then your experience.

There is a difference between a card being charged (a “posted” charge) and your credit card company charging you, whether you have it set up to automatically withdraw from your bank account, or pay it directly to your credit card provider.

For instance, when I bought an airline ticket in July, it was charged to my credit card, but my credit card company withdrew the payment from my bank account on the due date in mid-August. But the airline already got the $ when I made the booking.

Airbnb charges guests when they book-Airbnb gets and retains the money. When the money is due to be paid to the credit card company is a matter between the credit card provider and the consumer. It’s two different things.

All credit card charges work like this, it has nothing to do with my personal experience. The seller of the service or product gets paid when you give them your credit card info, the $ comes out of the credit card company’s funds, and you have a certain number of days to pay the charge to your credit card provider. The credit card company is essentially loaning you money to pay for something, and you repay that loan. That’s why it’s called a “credit” card.

If you could look back seven years at your credit card statements, you would see the Airbnb charge posted to your credit card the day your booking was confirmed. That’s the day Airbnb received your payment. That it was charged to you by your credit card provider weeks later is immaterial.

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With Airbnb, some things change every quarter. :rofl:

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Hello Muddy,

I am experiencing guests that have checked in over 4 days ago and ABB is still investigating my delayed payout even though I signed up for the quick 24 payout with the fees associated with that. ABB has not given me any information as to what the problem is except that is not on my account or bank account. They admit it is on their end. HAS ANYONE EXPERIENCED THIS? AND HOW LONG DID IT TAKE TO GET A PAYOUT IF SO? Best, Blue

I have never had a missing payment. Once or twice I didn’t receive it 24 hrs after check-in, but it appeared soon after, on its own, without having to talk to CS.

But I know many hosts complain about delayed or missing payouts.

Not sure what you mean by “signed up for the quick 24 hr. payout with the fees associated with it”- getting paid 24 hrs after check-in is the standard and there is no extra fee for that.