Problem with the statistics on hits on listing

Im not sure whats going on but the section on the airbnb statistics page…where it shows you how many hits per day on your listing and how many requests you have had…well for the last couple of days it says I have had 1 request per day, YET I have had no requests in my emails. Not sure what to do, I dont want to miss any requests for a reservation…I also checked my spam file and there was nothing there.

Our clients (and our own listings) have had many issues with Airbnb’s dashboard reporting since the redesign a few months ago.

We’ve reached out to Airbnb multiple times (as recent as today) and they’re aware of the issue. They’ve verified that the reporting is known to be inaccurate.

However, I’d still suggest contacting them and reporting your problem to make sure you aren’t missing any requests. Even if it’s due to the same issue we’ve been expericing, it may help escalate the bug and result in a quicker fix.

I have had problems and have,missed bookings. I thought, since I am new to this it was my error. Thanks for post. I will report to airbnb next time

I was able to see the number of views received on a given day. Now I can only see the number of views today, not which days were viewed. Is this a change to the website or a bug?

@Fuzzy It’s a VERY annoying change in the website. It has a direct correlation to the expanded rollout of “Smart Pricing”.

If this “feature” really has to do with “Smart Pricing” that is bad for small markets. It could be that Airbnb can “Smart Price” a metropolitan or resort location, but they have no idea what festivals and events impact me. My county only has 35k people how could they get that granular? I used the future date hits to help set my expectation of a booking and my prices. I want it back please.