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Problem long term guest... help!



Ok here we go!! I’ve really enjoyed hosting women in my “ sanctuary” and sharing space has not been an issue until now. I need to share what is happening and am seeking advice. I just got my superhost status and have never had a rating below a 5.

I accepted a 44 night booking request from an international student who didn’t have reviews. But in my correspondence with her she seemed professional and pleasant and told me she was doing an internship and would be working 8-4 each day and going to the gym each night. I asked her if she was ok with my rules… pretty basic but little kitchen use. Etc. She said it was fine. I asked if she had any storage needs for extra things and she said she was traveling light and not to clear things out for her. I have her my parking spot in the driveway.

Upon her arrival she said she didn’t really read the rules and asked what they were again. She said her friend had booked the space for her thinking my environment would be good for her. She then informed me that she misread the job info and that it didn’t start until 2 weeks into her stay which meant she’s hanging in my house all day.

The first incident was major blood staining on the bed. She mentioned it to me and together we cleaned it up. But then when I cleaned the room the next week there was blood everywhere on all 3 layers of the bed. So together we cleaned it up again. Then when I went to clean a 3rd time I took a cover off and realized the entire memory foam topper was stained. She did replace it but not until I uncovered all of the layers. She didn’t seem to care.

Then I noticed she had all of her lotions and potions on my antique dresser which was staining the wood and so I cleared out a drawer for her to put her toiletries in the bathroom. I tried to buff out the oil stains.

She drank 4 -5 bottles of my wine And seemed to be getting drunk every night.

I just noticed a chip in my marble table top next to her bed and I suspect she got drunk and dropped something heavy in it. I have no proof of what it looked like before renting to her.

Upon her arrival, as I do with all of my guests, I offer tips for sight seeing and restaurants. But her response to everything was so negative… nothing suited her… and I come from a city know for great food! I stopped offering suggestions. She hated every experience and said she was traumatized by the food.

When her job did start she said she could only work 20 hours a week because she is an international student. So she’s home most of the time.

I allow her to do laundry and she does a load every single day and leaves the clothes in the dryer or washer until I take them out.

The room and her things are a mess and she’s got rotting chicken in my fridge.

Ok. You get the idea!!! I actually think she’s having some mental issues. I did call air bnb about the mattress and my concerns because I know, due to her negativity about everything, I’m going to get a bad review.

Also, I’m going out of town and will have a cohost helping me but not living in the space. I will not be present for the check out and told her my cohost would personally check her out. She said no!! She would just take photos and send them to me.

I’m super easy going. Super accommodating… but I’m so scared about what she’s going to do to my home and ruining my reputation. I’m also scared to review her honestly.

Help!! I know I blew it with damage control and not having explicit rules… assuming people will respect and keep the space the way I do. I’m going to make changes. But what do I do with check out and damage control with the review she is most certain to write. Thank you for your guidance!!


Personally I would tell her that she is no longer welcome due to failing to follow House Rules and for her actions/schedule not being as she had said in the initial messages. Let her know that if she cancels you will gladly refund her any nights that get rebooked if she leaves without any further damage or drama. Write a COMPLETELY HONEST review at the end of the time period. Do not worry about a review from her. Also, be sure to take pictures at every chance.


I agree with HorseLegal, get her out now before you leave, do not leave her alone.



Since you discovered she was a third-party booking, you could call AirBnB and have them cancel.


I would refund her days she did not stay as well, just get her out. I would not trust for a second she would not abuse your house even more if left alone. Do not worry about the review. Leave her an honest review last minute unless she leaves one first, then review her honestly. You already expect a bad review so why risk FURTHER damage? She has already damaged the wood dresser and STOLE 5 bottles of wine. I would call air and tell them she is a drunk and thief and she needs to go.

Good luck



GET THIS PERSON OUT NOW. Damaging furniture… bedding… stealing wine… !!! Why have you waited this long to DO SOMETHING??? Call AIr and get them to cancel her NOW!!

Stop worrying about 1 review. Start worrying about your home. DO Not leave this person alone it you home!

When it comes time to review her, let me know and I’ll help you write a perfect negative review.


Call Airbnb and advise them of the third person booking, that is against TOS and it will get cancelled immediately. Don’t offer the guest reasons or excuses just advise that do not accept third party bookings and be mum about the rest. Just some advise, don’t put expensive furniture or other items that you do not want damaged either on purpose or accidental in Airbnb rooms if you do not want to risk damage. Make sure you are very explicit in your house rules what you do and do not allow.


I recommend having a friend with you when she is asked to leave.


Ditto all the comments here!!! Call Airbnb and get her out of your home. I wouldn’t tolerate anyone who steals!


Get her out now for rule breaking. She’s a 3rd party booking, no? Don’t leave her alone in your house.


It sounds like the friend of your guest who booked is trying to help her get sober and her life together but she isn’t into it. Probably drinks your wine so she can tell people she hasn’t bought a drink since she arrived.
Ask her to leave and maybe contact the person who made the booking on Air and say what has happened and ask her to arrange somewhere else for her friend/relative to stay as it isn’t fair on you to be dealing with someone with addiction and possible mental health problems. I had an off platform guest booked for 4 months and I said it was okay if he smoked the occasional joint downstairs but he ended up coming home from work at 1am and smoking heavily till 5am every night. I researched online and made an official looking eviction notice and gave him a week to get out. It saved me months of angst so I didn’t even chase up the unpaid rent.
Your place sounds great and the experience you offer special. People reading the reviews will spot the odd one out from a nutter if all the others are great which I am sure they are. Good luck!


I was thinking whoever made the booking for her wanted to get rid of her! You have lots of good advice all the best mdear :heart:


Brenda, sometimes things go wrong and it just doesnt work. You have to call it a day and pull the plug.

I do long term (9 months) student lets as well as the Airbnb and most students are graduates who have their heads down, study, complete and leave. But occasionally you get some real peculiar ones. In the last year I had two absolute nutters!

One first international student lied and said she was a student but she wasnt. She was taking a couple part time evening classes. At at home all day waiting for me to entertain her, cooking several meals a day and prohibiting others (me) from using the kitchen. She was asked to leave after 3 months.

The second international student had very poor English and didnt understand a word I said or had written in the House Book. Never locked the front door - major security rick, washed her clothes daily even though I had a limit of twice a week for everyone. Constantly complained she was cold (this is London it never really gets cold) wouldnt spend any money on warm clothes and then I discovered she had purchased an electric blanket which she kept on all night! My bills rocketed! She was told to leave. Lasted two months.

Just get rid of asap its just not worth the aggro. I have had many lovely international students and am quite tolerant as I am aware of cultural differences, but its my home and I absolutely wont be made uncomfortable in it.

ps; drinking your wine without permission amounts to theft, make sure you recover the cost of the wine.


Great advice.

But as a Londoner I can’t agree it never gets cold. Some of our drafty old places get ridiculously cold :slight_smile:


Hi Ken-
It’s time for the review. Can you help me? I’m
Terrified what will be said about me… and forever on my listing. I need your help.
Thank you!


Thank you. How do I know if she has submitted a review?


Air BNB sends you a message saying that XX has written his/her review and that you should post your review too.


My take?

CANNOT RECOMMEND GUEST. She admitted, in person, that she was booked “by a friend”, and admitted she never read the house rules. After being presented with those rules, she continually refused to follow them. She left rotten food in the fridge, stole and drank several bottles of wine from my shelves, and damaged property including oil stains on wooden furniture from her ‘lotions & potions’, and bleeding all over sheets and ruining not only them but foam mattress topper.

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