Problem contact host not working my end

My friend is trying to book a couple of nights. She is a superhost. It’s not coming through at all on my end and I’m afraid I’ll be or have already been dinged for not responding. Any suggestions would be helpful.
Thank You:)
Happy New Year

Sorry what do you mean, she is trying to book?

Do you have IB turned on?

Has she made a request or inquiry/

Tried a different browser?

No I don’t have IB. She wants to contact me & has sent a " contact host " note and I will send her a special offer and it seems to work on her end but nothing in / on my aol or iphone.
This is disheartening. I may be missing other requests or contacts as well.
I will call air in the morning.
Thank you.

They are open 24/7 @gypsy so you can call them anytime.

I think you mean she has sent you an inquiry to book? In which case it should show up.

Why is your friend trying to book your place through Airbnb?

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Is this via the app?or website? Or both?

My guess would be to get reviews.

On your aol? Meaning you aren’t getting an email. If you log onto your computer and go to messages is it there? Are you on the app? Are you sure you are on “hosting” and not “traveling?”

Yes to get a review, thanks KKC:)
I’m not getting an email, not getting a message in the traveling section nor a ping on my iphone. I think she may be using the app. edit–No she used the website not the app.

I called airbnb help last night and I think they are sending my problem to the technical dept.
So frustrated as she wants to shoot an album cover here Sat and I don’t just want to block it and not get a review.

How about you block it for her and she shoots the album cover. Then when they get your airbnb fixed, hopefully soon, she books on the platform and leaves a review then. I know you want to get those bookings and reviews coming in but if there is a glitch, there’s a glitch.

Or, you set a special price for her this weekend and turn on IB with the understanding that she is going to book immediately after you turn it on. I’ve done that before where I had a day blocked for someone and told them, as soon as you are ready to book I’ll unblock it. They text me, I unblock, it’s done in 15 minutes. Then put your settings back to how you want them for people you don’t know.

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Hi KKc,
Thanks for all of your helpful suggestions!
As it turns out she made a mistake and had not clicked enough boxes to send her ‘contact host’ note to me. I thought she had more experience as a guest, but I suppose she has always used IB.

So it’s all ironed out now.


oh crap she did it the wrong way and I can’t send a special offer

Have her cancel her request and try to resend it. Or have her pay whatever your rate is and the rest in cash or refund her in cash as appropriate. Honestly, it shouldn’t be that hard.

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It’s done! Thanks for all your suggestions and help. I promise I will not continue to be so dumb.

LOL. Learn by doing is the best!