Probable scam attempt received today 6/6/17

I got an Airbnb inquiry from a “James” who had no verifications, member only since this month for 1 person for one night, saying “I and my parents are visiting [my neighborhood name], is this link pldcm4a dot guest dot vacations [I spell it out so NO ONE here accidentally clicks on it], your account?”

I immediately declined.

Strangely, scammers are always bringing their parents. Parents must be proud. :wink:


I restrained myself, I really wanted to reply, “James, I would be so happy to host you and your parents. I am an expat Nigerian princess, and you would be able to help me greatly to bring my $21 million inheritance into this country. Due to limitations and exclusions on my foreign accounts, it is costly and time consuming for me to manage the transfer. If you would be so gracious as to wire me $10,000 originating from your account, this would facilitate my financial matters, and I would provide you with a certified bank check for $1.2 million US Dollars at the time of your arrival to stay in my vacation space, in heartfelt gratitude for your assistance. Or, if you prefer, provide me with your full identity and bank account details, and I will gladly transfer the $1.2 million directly to your account. And the vacation stay would be at no charge to you, James! As soon as you reply in agreement, I will provide the wire transfer instructions. Many blessings upon you and your parents, James.”


Then Airbnb would flag you for discriminating against scammers!


I was bored, so I clicked :wink:

The domain here seems to be just a redirection to Airbnb, but that domain is owned by an individual, not by Airbnb.

The link will redirect you to a completely random profile page, each time.

Even though that page seems to be a redirect, you would actually hit a page displaying

  <img height="1" width="1" style="display:none"  src=""/>

Which I think is a Facebook pixel tracker for some ad campaign?

My best guess is that this is a scam to collect views for a Facebook campaign, but I am absolutely not a Facebook ads pro.

Is there anyway to identify the campaign from the pixel tracker id?

Lastly, you might feel offended by the “AirbnbPoor”. Other links (not the one you have received, but links that are quite easy to guess) will display a “AirbnbMiddle” and “AirbnbRich”.

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Haha I would certainly prefer “airbnbgreatvalueforthemoney” Now, who do I complain to?

OMG. I think I just got a similar scam, bit different link to my susposed listing. But I don’t know what is the scam because there is no booking… seems like just a misdirected message … but I guess I dense here :smirk:

I am getting curious. Could you share the link in a private message @LiaGarry ?