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Private room when you are not at home

I’ve always been at home when the guests have arrived. We’ve got a private room in our home.

But now for the first time, I won’t be at home when our guest arrives. That is no problem, my husband will get home earlier from his work to welcome our guest. But for the last tree days of the visit I’ll be travelling with our kids. It feels very odd to leave the home like this for the first time! My husband is working long hours and the guest will be on his own. Any experiences from hosts who share their homes for not being there at the daytime?!!

-Earlier I thought I could have rented our apartment when leaving on holiday, but now I’ve heard some horror stories from people who lived a year abroad, that I’m no longer intrigued… These stories may have added my concern for this new situation.

Hi Jepjep.
I first started ABB by renting my whole home, now, I only do the house share thing.
So, I can tell you that from my experience of renting my entire home while I was not on premises, it went very well. I’ve done maybe a total of only 15 times though, and that was in the very beginning, when there was not this big push by ABB for both guests and hosts to leave review.
Nothing was stolen. There was an occasional broken wine glass, things of that nature, nothing majorly serious. I’ve actually had more damage done while I was in the home!
The guests, rather than feeling awkward about it, are going to feel like they are getting a special treat…the whole place to themselves when they paid for a shared space!
Since you seem to have genuine concern for your guest, I recommend that your husband (who is going to greet the guest) simply say exactly what you are saying here, that you take your hosting responsibilities seriously and will be just a message via the ABB messaging system (download the app if you haven’t already), or by phone or text.
Folllow this up with a message/text/phone call the day after the guest is left to their own devices, just keep it lighthearted yet caring.
Don’t overthink this…most guests really can manage on their own, and sometimes removing ourselves from the situation actually makes a more ‘living like a local’ experience!


Thanks @brook2adks! I’m sure I’m overthinking:)! Your words made it easier.
I’m sure a lot of questions about hosting get answers with experience.

@brook2adks already gave you great advice - but to add one more voice

I once had the guest already in the home when my family decided to go away. They were totally fine with it, and when we came home, they had left us a small gift and a note.

I contacted a guest who arrives next week to tell them we were thinking of leaving on night 6 of their 8 night stay. He had some good questions in response, and seemed a bit uncomfortable with the idea. When I answered the questions he understood better and wished us a happy journey.

The way I look at it, they are renting a room, not us. As long as they have some contact information, they should be fine.

Good luck!


Thank you @dcmooney! I’m sure it will be fine. And you both gave great advice.

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