Private Room for 16 people?

Scoping out competitors in my town I came across a three story house, good for up to 16 people, listed as a Private Room. Rate for one person was around $50. Crazy.

Funny thing is they had 80+ mostly five star reviews. Something’s up.

It looks like a Hostel??


Yes, the photos of the different rooms say how many people sleep in each room.

Makes more sense… but I’m wondering if they have five rooms, and then one is booked, then calendar is blocked and nobody else can book the other four?

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Yes, there is not other option then renting it out as a private room when you live in a place.

If you own a building with 30 bedrooms, but are living in it and sharing some parts, there is no other option as listing it as a private room.

Yes, but I do not see that as a big problem. Personally, I would not like to have 4 different groups of guest living in my house at the same time, and sharing the same space. This would only lead to trouble.

I stayed at a place like that. It was a cottage for 8, listed as private room since the owner slept in the boat. He came and drank our coffee and beer, took showers, and begged for more money. When we didn’t give him extra money, he turned off the generator so we had no electricity or water.

Although this was a horrible example, it makes sense if you have an additional property near yours and want to keep an eye on visitors. It also lowers expectations - entire place should not include a host “inspecting” the place every hour.