Pricing no longer visible on calendar when guests search

I don’t know if this is just new to me but today was the first time it appeared. I previously checked competitor’s pricing regularly to make sure I was not over/under local market. Today when I popped open the calendar I noticed several local listings showed a very, very low booking rate. When I opened their calendars to check the actual daily rate it is no longer visible. I selected dates, got a quote in the lower left corner that was WAY higher than the rate on their cover page but still could not “open” the quote to see the breakdown. I pressed the reserve button (this did not confirm the booking) and only then could I see the actual daily rate which was about 4 times higher than the cover page. This looks like a sure-fire way to make guests that much angrier thinking they’re getting a bait and switch. Is anyone else seeing this change on calendar view. Again, this is searching as a guest.

I can’t remember ever being able to see prices for each dates when searching as a guest, but I never did it on the app.

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This is from an old iPad that doesn’t update manually so I can still actually check. The issue I see is that in this older version, rates are available for every date so there’s no confusion. In my first post above, with the latest version no rates show, but more importantly the lower left shows a $45 rate. When I “reserved” a two night stay, the total rate that appeared was $633. Once the rates were broken out, it was $209 a night. I think that’s going to result in a lot of confused guests taking it out on hosts because no where in that listing did a $209 nightly rate show.