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Pricing low price, then add $$ for extra people after 2

I see some of the places near me, cottage country, charge a flat rate for the whole house. Others charge a lower price for a unit that sleeps up to 6-8, put adds Fee for each person after 2. I can see how it can make your unit appear cheaper. What has been your experience? Pros cons?

@Louise, I was just thinking through this same thing, while putting towels in the dryer…

Right now I have a base price of $99 with a $20 cleaning fee, and $20 more per person after 3 people. It’s a 'semi-private 2 bedroom apartment in my home, and they have breakfast upstairs every morning, so the number of people impacts us quite a bit.

In one respect I want to have the price for two people lower to get more business. But I would have to let them use only 1 of the two rooms. (Three people share one room).

However, larger groups that use the whole space are where I really make my money.

What I did was find out the average number of guests - for me, it’s 3.6. So most of my groups are larger.

But having two guests is much less demanding on our energy than 4 or 5.

So yes, it’s a quandary.

I think, perhaps, if we can make more money with more people, we let those with a private room in their house for 2 have that business, and scoop up the larger groups at a good price.

Looking forward to other comments…

I currently have my place set up as $55/night ($60 on weekends), with a $20 cleaning fee and $10/person after 2. I used to go up to 5, but now I say 4. But if a family were to contact me that had younger children, I’d adjust for them as I’ve hosted that before and it worked.

I prefer groups of 2 that sleep in the same bed, it’s a lot less work. But my space appeals to families, so I want to keep it affordable for them.

You have to price it in a way that appeals to your target demographic and makes it worth your time while also being in a price range that your market can bear.

Personally, I’d hate to be searching places and see a $100/night for a place that sleeps 6 (what I need), but then when I put in my dates and numbers the place doubled in price for example. Those places are either going to turn people away, or get smaller groups that still end up using the same space and give them the same amount of work because large groups can’t afford it.

We have a 90 square meter appartment that can get as max as 8

Our price is for 4 persons, each extra is 23,5 dollars.

No breakfast included.

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