Pricing issue with MyAllocator integration

I have a property management system and am using MyAllocator as my channel manager. I have encountered a number of pricing issues with Airbnb. The nightly rates on my Airbnb calendar do not correlate with my PMS and MyAllocator rates. In my PMS, I currently have two nightly rates, an off-season $250 rate and a peak season $375 rate, both for up to six guests. Additional guests are billed at $25/guest/night. In the Airbnb mapping page in MyAllocator . I am using API integration between MyAllocator and AirBnb. There are no pricing rules or discounts defined other than a discount for weekly or monthly stays. Yesterday I did a full refresh to MyAllocator of my property management system rates. I then logged into MyAllocator, went to the AirBnb mapping page, imported settings from Airbnb extranet and then did a full refresh to AirBnb. I then logged into AirBnb and confirmed two sets of rates were showing on my calendar, a $250 off-season and $375 peak season rate. Thus all calendars were in sync. Today I logged in to Airbnb and noticed the nightly rates were significantly lower. They fluctuated between $150 and approx $225 and it appears smart pricing was turned on. I confirmed smart pricing was turned off. I have opened a number of cases with AirBnb about this issue and have not received a satisfactory issue. Their response is to check with my channel manager. I have checked with my channel manager and they say there is no issue. Last week my channel manager sent a nightly rate of $790 to Airbnb and shortly after I received a booking at a nightly rate of $206. I have a timestamped screenshot from MyAllocator proving the nightly rate of $790 was sent to AirBnb just before the booking. Has anyone encountered this type of issue or know the root cause?

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