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Pricing in Peak season


I think that I need some reassurance here about my pricing/value of my airbnb.
Correct me if I’m wrong.

One (a couple) paid for $32 gave 4 stars on value (private room with sharing bathroom and kitchen/dining). Nov last year.

Moving forward into busy season…

Guests in total of 4 people paid $150, first timer, requested early check in and late check out also gave 4 stars because I asked him to pick either or. (early June)

A family of 5 paid in total close to $200
Also gave 4 stars for value. 3 days ago guests

When I told other hosts how much I charged including cleaning fee $200, they said it is too cheap.

There is no beyond pricing in our area.
What do you all think of it? Should I just ignore? Have more thicker skin?


How would we know Ana?

We have no idea what your listing is like. Where you are based, your competition or what your competitors charge.

The easiest thing for you to do is look at something like AirDNA and check your competitors who offer a similar type of place and location.


Just to give an opposite viewpoint I rarely look at what the competition is charging and then it’s only as a casual matter of interest.

To me the important issue is the bottom line - how much do I need to charge for the property to make a profit and recompense me properly for my time?

If that doesn’t fit in with what other people are charging, so be it.

Just be sure that your costings are accurate.


I suspect it’s something to do with managing guest expectations rather than your place being too expensive. What about, for example, setting a fee for early/late check in/out. That might undermine a sense of entitlement.


I’ve recently received a few 4* hits on value and always from younger couples, one of whom even complained that there were other guests staying! Older people who stay in that listing, without fail, give me 5* on value.

I never ever give in to an early check-in/out now. I think it sends the wrong message, that you can be pushed around and it’s firmly stated in my H/Rs.

I agree with Helsi that you need to do some market research.


I did my market research, someone who owned motel in the area for 12 years and I follow his advice and I lowered the price due to location.
The price around range from (July-august) $100 (private room sharing common space) to $3-400 (whole house) per night.

At this point I don’t mind for early/late check in whenever I can. But not both, I feel being taking advantage (maybe I shouldn’t have to)


The last guests didn’t request early nor late check in/out.
The other 2 were the young, so I think it is more of the budget thing.

At this point, I wouldn’t charge early/late check in/out.
I am quiet consistent with snacks/food department and no complaint in that area.


Check in/out was just one example of a general principle of managing expectations. Less is more and boundaries instill respect. I trained in aromatherapy and my tutor always used to say a client will enjoy a massage more if they pay more for it, if that makes sense to you.


It make sense to me Jess. Funny if that applies into my field (dentistry)
Thank you.


I have a low cost dentist and do really appreciate the service but I might be a rare kind of patient. I notice she is especially nice to me so that might be true. I also have the rare distinction of no fillings at a no spring chicken kind of age lol.


I am quite the opposite. I always try and help or “give in” as you (Joan) call it. I think it sends the right message; I care about my guests and that I’m always willing to help.

I always try and accommodate guests with any requests like early check in, late check out, tourist info etc. The condo I rent out is a little bit dated, I purposely made my own photos to keep expectations low, but it has a bunch of fancy things people enjoy, quality organic coffee, fancy coffee grinder, fancy coffeemaker, quality bedding, wifi/bluetooth speaker in living room etc.

My rate is significantly higher than others but guests seem to appreciate the quality and service they are getting. After the first review period (three months I believe) I got superhost status and things have been great.

I would highly recommend going all out to help your guests and charging a little more. It will show in your reviews and you will (just like me hopefully) get the right clientele by setting your rate a little higher.


It makes perfect sense to me. I know it corny but ‘you get what you pay for’.


I’m a new host but I personally think that $200 cleaning fee is a bit much, especially if they’re renting a room. Do others in your area also charge $200 for cleaning?


My not giving in to early check-ins or outs does not indicate that I don’t care about my guests or am unwilling to help them. The difference is that we live here, it is also our home, and I have a great deal more to do than simply turning a condo over. With a meanderingly large house to maintain (more than 270 years old), a huge garden, summer wedding flowers to keep flowing, a busy working husband, shopping for fresh breakfast supplies for guests, physio appointments, laundry, ironing etc, I need the time between guests just to keep on top of things and my sanity.

The majority of reviews I get speak well of my hospitality and helpfulness, but I would hate for someone to come in early when I have a pile of ironing on the go, cats shouting to be fed (again…) or piles of flowers to sort through on every kitchen surface.


Just because a host has set check in times that doesn’t mean they don’t care about the guests or aren’t going full out! There’s a host of practical reasons why set check in times work, and the unexpected bonus is that guests tend to respect you more and appreciate the listing more if you don’t put out early check in! I have found guests who ask for early check in to be below average. Apart from anything else they always seem to be late for early check in!


Hi Ritz3, where did you read about $200 cleaning fee. Maybe you meant $200 rate/night.

My cleaning fee is $30.


Ana2, Sorry, I misread. I saw “I charge $200” and thought it was the cleaning fee. $30 sounds like it might be a bit too little. I charge $65 and I’m starting to think that too is too little. It takes me three hours to clean the house and four to five wash loads to wash everything plus the dishwasher. When I think about how much time it takes me and how much electricity, water (we get a water bill) & cleansers I’m using, I think that $65 is too little.

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