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Pricing anomalie

Does anyone have some insight into a this …
The price for one of my rooms is: 46 euros/night + cleaning fee of 5 euros + Airbnb fee of 6 euros = 57 euros
However when I do search for a room in my area as if I was the potential guest, I see listings on the map and mine is listed as 53 euros.
This is not a big deal but it is bugging me. Any answers?

The cleaning fee is not included in the price on the map.

Yes, but that only brings it up to 51 euros, not 53

Did you fill travel dates when you searched for your place? Or was it a blank-dates search?

I put in travel dates…mid-January

I suspect you are seeing a conversation rounding. I believe that AirBNB converts to dollars, and then converts back to Euros, and then rounds down. Others have reported 1 - 3 Euro differences. Not sure how you would search for that on these boards, but I know I have seen postings that complain about this phenomenon.

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ok, thanks. I guess I will just have to live with the discrepancy for now.

Or try to tweak… raise your price by one euro and see if you get a rounding error that is more favorable to you.

From what I know Airbnb always adds a 3% to every listing and it happens in my listing as well.
I’m not sure what is exactly the purpose of those 3% but I guess it might be due to the credit card processing fees. Back before those 3% were already inlcuded in their fees but about an year ago they changed this to look like it is now.

Do the following exercise. Browse other listings in your area, open their calendar availability and get their price from there (the calendar shows the actual price without the 3%). Then add the cleaning fee and the remaining 3%. Airbnb always rounds up this number which in your case ends in 53usd per night.

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