Prices for individuals or room ,with breakfast or without

How can you make clear to guests that the price is per person and not per room and that it doesn’t include breakfast.


You just did: “Price is per person, not per room, and does not include breakfast”

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Hello @34678

When a guest books, they put in the number of guests they are booking for and the price comes up.

It only includes breakfast if you tick a box on amenities to say it’s included and describe breakfast offered in your listing. If you don’t then it’s not.

The Trouble with that and it has coused confusion with a lot of people is that the Name is Airbnb.

I’ve never had a guest assume breakfast is provided at my listing although I agree it can sometimes lead to confusion. Just make it clear in your listing what you provide.

Have you set extra charges for each additional guest you can accommodate? Then you’re fine, you just have to make sure they’re booking for the correct number.
In your first/welcome message, you can confirm how many people are coming and tally that with the booking.

This is quite a problem - time and again folk don’t read the listing and assume you’re providing breakfast and/or access to the kitchen.

You have to make it clear via multiple mentions that they’re not getting either.

Also there’s a House Rules section that allows you to specify ‘Amenity Limitations’ where you can mention no breakfast and no kitchen.