Prices affected much by COVID cancellations?

So, my guest wants to extend one night due to a flight cancellation for 2 people in their group of 5. I wanted to give them a good price for the extra night, so I did a little research and was surprised.

Airbnb says nightly rate for the extra day should be $149. This is compared to $129.50 rate that the guest paid for the first 4 days which included the weekend (so much for Smart Pricing).

Nearby mid-range hotels are around $140 (inclusive of taxes/fees), which is about right for mid-week nights this time of year.

The single-bedroom listings (shared or separate without a real kitchen) are priced the same as before the COVID cancellation madness.

The whole-house listings are all over the place. Some are not available (possibly because they’re blocking dates, etc.), some have lowered their nightly rate and increased their cleaning fees, but not priced lower in general like I expected.

the shared homes like mine or the places with studios with private entrances are about $5 per night more expensive than usual.

I’ve blocked until the end of the month. I don’t think this is over yet.

I guess I thought that with all the cancellations, there would be a glut of supply and prices would crash, but maybe so many listings are unavailable that it has had the opposite effect.

Smart pricing has raised my weekend prices. I’m guessing the collapse in supply has outstripped the collapse in demand? I’d price with a small discount for it probably being no extra cleaning but an extra day of income.

I would just extend at the price they paid for the rest of the stay.



Cash in hand too. You save, they save.


Cash is dirty… spray it down with lysol and hang out to dry


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I offered the extra night for $80 + taxes & fees ($99 total) which is a $50 off my base nightly rate. They responded 4 hours later and said they decided to get a hotel next to the airport. Not sure if it was convenience or price that drove the decision. There are a few cheap hotels around the airport that have rooms starting around $70 including tax, breakfast, and a free shuttle to the airport, so they could also drop off the rental car the day before. If the flight is really early, it would save them quite a bit of time getting to the airport and dropping off the rental car.


money laundering is illegal! :laughing:


It certainly isn’t concern about the coronavirus. :roll_eyes:

Don’t be surprised if they change their minds yet again.

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It’s linen. Launder it. :wink:

Looks like those of us who have lowered prices may be getting a boost in search rank. I am the #1 vacant property. ironic pat on the back

Inventory is up. There are more places available than normal when I search my town. Usually a search like this would only produce 40 to 60 results on this short notice. It would be way, way fewer than that right now had a rally that was to be this w/e not been cancelled.


People desperate to make money. Or a normal search would have people booked up so fewer listings would show. What happens with a search with no dates entered?

If it goes in the laundry my family will steal it!

I should have been more precise… it’s only up because the places are normally booked. Our town is a ghost town right now. Without the tourists who support the economy, there are only 8 residents per square mile. Residents are the only people there now.

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I don’t understand why anyone is laundering or disinfecting money. Yes, money is dirty, money is dirty at the best of times, but you only spend it when you go out, right? And you wash your hands thoroughly when you get home, right? Unless one is sitting at home counting their money, I don’t see why it needs to be sterilized. I’m open to being enlightened.

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Aren’t they joking? I thought they were. The cash is definitely a germ harbor though and I think in some places like cash markets in the square it could be a problem.

because they ran out of TP but still had plenty of unlaundered drug money in a shoe box under the bed :rofl:


I’ll admit, I lowered my prices; all platforms. Still no juice. Everybody is staying put, as they should be. Good Luck America and the World> the shit is hitting the fan. I wish I had a box of that kind of linen under my bed! Like I used to…


Maybe so. I guess I’m gullible. It seemed like some mention of that was serious.