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Price tips mea culpa


I’ve been telling people for years to ignore/not use Airbnb’s price tips. I’m going to have to amend that.

For the first time I’m seeing price tips above what I have set my prices at. I’ve started paying attention to the little light bulbs on my calendar that show days my listing has been looked at an unknown number of times for that day. Looking ahead to July and August there were some dates that were significantly higher… as in $80 instead of the $62 I had set. Mind you my base rate is now $42-$45 with a second person charge of $5. If those dates don’t get booked they will be telling me to lower the price but now when I lower it will still be at or above where I had it.


I have just noticed the same thing. I have made some price changes and I am interested to see if they book at the higher prices. I often look at the hotel prices in our area and I am still well below those (I am charging between 62-78 and hotels are $115 and up).


I shall look out for that. Most weekends for next 3 months are booked, so I’m at the point where I wonder if I was too cheap!


I think so. I’m getting bookings into June, but only one for July and one for August. I wonder if I’d book up more in advance if I lowered my price. I assume that most people who look at my listing and choose a different one, it’s usually due to other places being less expensive. I have a very different market but if my price was lower maybe I’d have the vacationers who are planning ahead.


I use Ricky Bobby’s approach. I don’t want to get booked first…that tells me I’m to cheap. As long as I’m booked. I price higher than most but not at the top of the spectrum.


Even at $42 a night I’m higher than similar listings in town. I get the notifications that someone looked at my place and then booked a place cheaper. But I just hold out. Since I can accommodate and I actually prefer last minute bookings I quit lowering my price. I’m more likely to raise my price for upcoming open days. I’d figure I’ll enjoy a day off unless someone needs the room so bad they make it worth my while. Sometimes I get everything done and have no plans and will lower my price, but still above what I was getting as recently as fall 2017.

Who is this?



Sorry about the reference to an obscure movie. I must have walked past the TV 1 to many times when my kids were watching and quoting lines.


Yes, I think ABB is finally getting better on their price tips.


Today, just a few hours later, several of the tips are several dollars lower than they were yesterday. I’m going to use the tips as long as they are above my minimum and see how it goes. Since I do a lot of last minute and Air’s strategy is to lower, not raise prices as dates approach I may have to tweak them often.


I thought that for a while but then I noticed their tips had all collapsed back down to the prices I was charging when I first started three years ago. It could be because it is winter here. I prefer to be mid range between the cheapest ABBs and a 3 star hotel or motel.


Maybe the trick is you accept price tips thinking they will work their magic and then all your prices get lowered. Then you come on a forum and complain that “Airbnb” is not charging the proper amount. After a few bargain bookings and a few forum posts telling you not to use price tips you figure it out. I probably fell for their ruse. LOL.


They could also have turned you so they are paying you to spread disinformation. or perhaps they have kidnapped one of your dogs and forced you to say it. Put :roll_eyes: for Yes, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: for No.


I saw that too! Higher than my own price! But they know nothing about the mainstream media scaring the world off from Hawaii.:volcano::volcano:


Airbnb is charing a lot of fees from guests, they keep increasing it day by day it seems. So is anyone going to increase their price or stay the same with price tips. Just curious.
Kona- last i saw people playing golf while volcano is erupting.


This is interesting and true, but not if you’re a guest. Yesterday I was searching my area incognito as a potential guest and it urged me to book now for this coming weekend because last year the prices shot up 33%. It even had a graph that showed the price going up each day as the weekend approached. I call BS! I don’t believe most hosts in my area RAISED their prices of their unbooked rooms as the weekend approached. (while ABB urges hosts to LOWER their prices)


Two weeks ago I stayed in a room in Phoenix that I booked at $65 in March. I was considering adding a third night and looked again a few days before my stay and the room was $51. Ooof. $28 savings for my two night stay. Temps were already over 100 the week I was there and I should have known Phoenix midweek in summer would not be high demand. And the calendar was open for most of the month, it’s not that he was trying to fill a couple of days here and there. I really wanted to stay there and didn’t want anyone else to take my days but $28 is not nothing. Unless it’s a high demand weekend (like we have lower level music festivals on our summer holiday weekends so I up the price) my price has never varied that much. Maybe I’ve left too much money on the table.


Maybe this doesn’t happen in your area, but I will do it on my listing. As dates get closer, availability goes down. This is supply and demand. I can raise my price and still be the lowest thing in my area. So why wouldn’t I? Last minute bookers feel like they’re getting a bargain and I’m compensated for any extra stress or inconvenience of having to change my plans to clean the next day.


How can you type this when you should be in a bunker avoiding those lava bombs the size of trucks?


I just booked my first “smart pricing” reservation. It’s for 4 nights mid June. A mother and teen daughter coming for a wedding. I don’t know what else is going on that weekend but it had my prices well above where I would have set them manually. I almost took smart pricing off but I’m glad I didn’t.

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