Price Tips Increasing?

Have you all checked your price-tips lately? Mine have always been $50-65 or so. My base price is $99 for 3 people, and Beyond Pricing adjusts that daily based on demand, season, etc.

My prices on my calendar have always been red based on air’s price tips, but now they are all green - in come cases my price is LOWER than the price tip.

Anyone else?

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I ignore ABB price tips altogether :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I have noticed the same thing. Airbnb used to suggest +/- 80€ for my apartment, and now they suggest 140-150€. My base price is 159€. I noticed the change two or three weeks ago.

I’m booked or blocked off for the rest of this month.
But my price tips for September are showing $28-$36.
I’ve got my September prices at $80, with a $5 cleaning fee.
I’ve got 3 reservations with a total of 7 nights in September booked at that $80 price.

I noticed that too! I love it.

So this is beginning to weird me out. Since setting my base price at $99 and then letting Beyond Pricing adjust up and down, my air calendar was all red red red - and my price tips were as much as $50 less.

NOW my calendar is orange orange GREEN GREEN GREEN meaning that they think I’m charging to little - don’t know how to think of this -

Has anyone seen or heard anything from the company saying they’ve changed their methods of calculation? Did someone finally get their head out of their butt? Do you think they are going to give lower price tips to new hosts and higher to more experienced hosts?

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So, for awhile I was green in price tips, but now I’m yellow and orange again. It cracks me up because I keep getting notifications like “change to our price tips to get bookings!”. Umm, I’m getting bookings just fine being over your price tips, thank you very much! I’d rather be 75% booked and make the same money as 100% booked at your price tips! It’s better for my sanity!

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