Price per guest on search?

I noticed last week that the search changed.
My rate is around $200/night.
When I search with 8 guests, it is now showing me $24/night.
8 guests:$24 x 3 nights x 8 guests $579
3 guests:$64 x 3 nights x 3 guests $579
2 guests:$193 x 3 nights $579
1 guest:$193 x 3 nights $579
Do guests really search this way? Let see… I have 5 guests, each of us can spend $25/night.
I always search with… I have 5 guests - I have $150 to spend per night average. This per person thing would drive me crazy as a guest.

No guests do not search this way, but it makes larger listings look better.
For large groups it is often important to know the price per person.

I have a large listing for 17 guests, I like this new system.
It makes it much easier to compare large listings, and also people will be more willing to spend a bit more per person per night.

But it would be much better when AirBnB would not force this method upon everyone.
Also they should not do it from 2+ guest but from 4+ or 5+ guest.

Large groups who are division challenged :kissing_heart:


That’s just plain confusing. It should be the same for everyone, not matter what the group number.

Why one pricing for 2+ and another for 5+???

If I was a family of 5, 2 adults and 3 kids, why would I care about the per person cost??? It’s not like the kids are going to pay for themselves separately!!!

Just make it the total cost. Full stop.

Our place sleeps six (three bedrooms), and we sometimes get three couples. We also charge more for people over two. So it can help people compare the per-person price at a glance.

I have not seen it in my area yet. It’s probably an A/B test to see if more people book when the price “seems” lower.

Pricing when I search now is back to price for the unit per night.