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Price per extra person


We have a 90 square meter appartment in Sweden that have 6 single beds and can get 2 extra.

At the moment we have a price that is fluctuating between 100 dollars to 230 dollars depending the time of the year, the price is for 1-4 persons and each person above that is costing 20 dollars extra.
We have no problems to get families and group that are booking medium and high season but low season seems to be mostly couples that are coming to our city.

Do you think we should lower our price and getting price for 1-2 persons /1-3 persons and 20 dollars for each above that?

What do you think?

Thanks for any opinion on it

You don’t have any beds big enough for two adults? Single beds are not going to be that attractive to many couples. They are willing to deal with this during the high season when they are traveling with a bunch of people; but less so when it just the two folks traveling together. I think one of the rooms turning into a double room with the option to add other people into a few single beds at some price per person.

The singles beds can be put together

ok thanks for the idea

If you can put them together so that there isn’t a huge seam down the middle, I think this would increase your stretch. After all, if they prefer single beds and only two people are coming, they can stay in one of the 2-bedded rooms. Does mean they have to TELL you which room they prefer– large bed or single bed room.

Basically all beds are made so they can choose the beds they want.

Two single beds are always put close together.

So then you could be changing 6 beds for a charge of 2 people. I don’t see how that is in your best interests! I would not make up all the beds, but only place a duvet or cover on unmade mattresses.

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We also have this dilemma in Barcelona about his time of year. About 2 years ago we decided to have a base price for 2 people and then add 35E/per person/night up to 10 people. It has worked out well for us. Sometimes we do only get couples, and it does seem like a waste of space, but hell they are paying the same cleaning fee, so they get the same apartment.

We also have to singles we push together for a ‘king’. This is a pretty common thing in most Barcelona rentals @smtucker and cabins in Sweden, my hubby’s family in Sweden also has singles in their cabin.

People are always using only the number of beds that they need not all

I think it’s working good as my price will only be competitive for couples in low season (we are using pricelabs)

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