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Price gouging in atlanta - hurricane matthew

omg, people have put their prices way up for this disaster in downtown atlanta.

https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/14885403?checkin=10%2F07%2F2016&checkout=10%2F09%2F2016&s=sBnm0mI0 - $10,000 a night

https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/9979136?checkin=10%2F07%2F2016&checkout=10%2F09%2F2016&s=sBnm0mI0 - $1850 a night

https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/15205647?checkin=10%2F07%2F2016&checkout=10%2F09%2F2016&s=sBnm0mI0 - $3000 a night

and a bunch of places for $500-600 a night.

this is going to give airbnb a bad name.

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The attorney general in Florida is going after anyone who’s price gouging during the storm. It’s actually against the law in most states. I don’t think this reflects at all on Airbnb since hotels restaurants grocery stores gas stations etc. are all doing this. I think it reflects very badly on those owners.


I dunno, seems like a pretty good bargain for the cleaning fee. It’s only 1% of the cost on that $10k/nite space. I know some of you on here charge 10% - 25% or more for the cleaning fee. Who is the real gouger here? :money_mouth:

That is so sick. Abysmal behavior. I expect it of hotels but regular people like me? No.

A pox on their houses. :angry:

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Well and then as an antidote to that, there is this:

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But really. Air isn’t doing anything as it’s the hosts who are encouraged to donate free housing during disasters. Airbnb somehow takes the credit.


I clicked on all three, then reported via the report this listing button reason other, price gouging. If more do it air will become aware.


oh, i never thought of that. i ended up reposting this post on airbnb’s own forum, as well as sending it to the phishing email i found somewhere. i hope there’s something they can do about it.

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I agree. Whenever there is a natural disaster, Airbnb encourages hosts to donate their listings for free and Airbnb waives their fee. It would be more benevolent on Airbnb’s part to pay the hosts at least a portion of their usual price.


I’m not sure that the second one is price gouging. Even including the cleaning fee and the extra guests fee it’s only $166 per person. And it has fabulous facilities.

Yeah, this may be one of those high-end listings that celebs go to and no one can afford and yet go on all the advertisements. But, two of the listings are the same host…

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I looked at the listings and they are all incredible luxury properties at the top end of the market. How do you know they have raised their prices? That first one sleeps 12 people!

From the listing
"Atlanta’s Premiere Event Hosting Space on Edgewood Avenue.
150+ Party Space. Only rooftop event space in Edgewood, with a gorgeous view of downtown Atlanta. This Castle is fit for a King, Queen and all your friends. Stocked refrigerator with beer, Coke products, Red Bull and water."

Pretty sure that would cost 10 grand. In anyones money.

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i know that they raised their prices because i’m in the same city and look at the listings frequently, and the average is around $150 a night. nobody charged $500 or up before just this weekend.


I don’t care about this.

This is a problem of way people think in Atlanta, it’s not a host’s issue.

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it is a host issue if it gets into the papers and airbnb’s name is dragged down because of it.

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