Price difference between calender and listing

Hi. New here. Having a bit of an up and downer with airbnb as my listing is advertised as ‘from £67/night’ when actually my minimum (and majority of dates) price is £58/night and I imagine we’re losing bookings because of it.
It used to say ‘from £58/night’ until we entered March where there is, admittedly, one week in the month that is £65/night!!!? Thoughts please?

Does the higher price include Airbnb’s service charge?

What did Airbnb say? @garethbd

I’d be interested to know that too.

Over the years I’ve seen the prices fluctuate wildly. One time, our rental was $125 on my laptop but $195 on the phone. I didn’t contact Airbnb because we don’t really sell on price and it rectified itself fairly quickly. I haven’t known incorrect prices affect bookings but I guess that if you’re a bargain place it might.

The incorrect price shown hasn’t been reflected in what the guests pay though.

This was the reply " Airbnb Support


Hello Gareth

My name is Mamadou speaking from the customer support of Airbnb. First I would like to thank you for letting us know about that issue.

I looked at your account, indeed the based price on your listing is £58. However, if you take a look at your calendar, you update the prices based on the period. For example the month of April is at £65.

I remain at your disposal and will be happy to assist you if necessary. Do not hesitate to contact us or reply to my message.

Kind Regards

Good day you."

Not very helpful really.
I agree that the price does not reflect what the visitor ACTUALLY pays when they book but was worried that it puts them off initially if searching by budget

No Helsi - that would be an extra 18% per night

They obviously didn’t understand the actual issue. I see this so often. They ASSUME the issue is like most of the issues they have seen or been trained on when it is not…

What percentage do you think AirBnB charges? The last time I checked, their total service fees added up to a whopping 20% :scream:.

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The guest service fee ranges between 0% and 20% of the booking subtotal.

@garethbd I am in the US and had the same thing happen a few weeks ago. This was my message to airbnb -

I am wondering why my listing says “from 180 / night” when my base price is $159 / night , there is no cleaning fee, and there are plenty of nights where the price is $159 /night.

And then the reply from one of the airbnb community experts-

*Hi Wendy, *

*Thank you for contacting us. *
I am Matt, one of the Airbnb Experts, a fellow traveller and a superhost. I am happy to assist you today.

Not to worry Wendy! Everything is in order. The pricing is showing average with service fee added on top of that.

So this might also explain why your price is listed higher than expected.

They didn’t used to show it with the service fee.

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@Mexican They probably did that in response to guest complaints.