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Pretty annoyed at older guests

Just had 2 60 yr olds who needed more minding than my children. I dont know how they are travelling around as they got lost twice and could not figure out how to use a sink. Bearing in mind i picked them up from the airport. I dropped them to a restaurant to eat
This morning they needed a lift to get a car hire so rather than explain for 3 hours, i told them i would drop them to the airport. I had to get my children up and had to totally empty my car to accommodate them. I dropped them off and was relieved they were gone. I dont think i made any money as was like ms daisy driving them around. As i was gathering all my crap from my hall back into my car. My 6 yr old came down from upstairs with a handful of medication they had left behide in the bedroom on the table to show me. Thankfully i have a chronic illness and take medication but have taught them from a tender age to be careful, i keep all my meds in a locked box but they see me taking meds twice a day. Can u imagine if my child swallowed them , children do mad things all the time and i would have no idea what would have made them sick and even if figured out could have swallowed something, would have no idea as they have moved on to the next airbnb home.

I was just being a good host and helping them out by giving them lifts. Just really annoyed that they would be so irresponsible to leave drugs lying around in a house with children. I never thought me doing airbnb could be dangerous . I am going to stop helping anybody out with lifts now and just inspect bedroom, bathroom and guest sitting room before my kids discover anything.

They are doing airbnb for the next 4 weeks, and going into family homes like mine. She changed phones and said she cant access her airbnb account at the moment, so cant even send them a message. Rant over

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No this is not the definition of good host it’s the definition of a doormat lol. I don’t do these things period. And you could be held liable, just say NO


I have a guy coming for 3 weeks tonight and sent him the list of how to get to my home, am done helping out now, putting my own family first. I am the type of person who likes to help, I do pro bono work and voluntary work, but won’t be crossing into my hosting any more.

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CASSID.!!! Immediately stop driving guests around! This is not part of renting a room out! Let them get their own rides. That is what uber is for!!!


Agree taxi or uber. Never drive guests. It s not the same job

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I hope your next guests are perfect and make up for the nonsense of these guests!

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