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Preparing for the second or third wave

My friend has posted some more resources so I’m reposting here

@NordlingHouse Thank you for this information. My former husband is a veteran and I often wonder what I would do to help my children prepare for such an event. Hopefully, this won’t be any time soon, but good information to know.

I strongly recommend journaling. It helps to get things out of your head and onto the paper. Also experiment with expressive art (not looking for art talent, just expression). Most of us have a lot of time for this now.

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I was just discussing with a former student and history teacher. As history teachers we are interested in how this global disaster will be recorded in history. Up until a few decades relatively few records from “common people” existed. She was saying that she is journaling; her German exchange student is doing TikTok. Two different generations, two ways of expression and record.

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Tell them to talk to him, and make sure that he gives them a copy of of his DD-214 (discharge form) so that they can just give a copy to the funeral director and he can bill the VA directly. My father hated undertakers, so he instructed my brother and me to tell him he would get what the VA pays and nothing more (because he knew the undertaker would try to get us to “upgrade”).

You should also know that the color guard every vet is entitled to no longer includes a bugler. Instead they give them a fake bugle with a syntheziser inside to play “Taps”. You can get a real bugler for the funeral by contacting Bugles Across America, a volunteer group to which I belong (now inactive because high school trumpeters here are better than I am) which provides buglers for veterans’ funerals without any charge. See https://www.buglesacrossamerica.org/

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