Preparing for family disruption

The lack of control that many of us are feeling adds to our anxiety. Most of us will survive this pandemic, but even those who survive, especially in my age group, might be very ill, hospitalized, and out of touch with family for a few weeks. Take some of your excess free time and think about whether somebody has access to the information needed to keep your home running and other loved ones safe. If you handle the Airbnb responsibility be sure someone can see reservations and handle cancellations and correspondence. Write up a page about where things are, what absolutely needs to be done and who needs to be contacted. Some people with extensive, complicated wills don’t bother to do this tedious but necessary task. If some key information is only on your computer, insure access, and consider printing critical information out in the event that computer access/internet is disrupted.


This is excellent advice and something few of us are willing to think about.

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