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Preparing for a long stay guest

Hey all,
We have a gust for the first time that comes for 10 night instead of the usual 1-3 nights. Anything special you’d prepare or offer?

Do I need to leave then enough towels and bedsheets (or they are expected to do the laundry themselves?) , house cleaning?

What’s your experience?

Thank you,

Hi @Shlomo_Freund - 10 nights isn’t really a long term guest :slight_e.smile:

You don’t say what sort of accommodation you have.

For stays of longer than a week I would suggest you provide a change of towels and linens - these can be changed during a weekly clean.

Make sure costs for this are incorporated into your booking rate


mmmm…ok, it’s a long term for me :slight_smile:

We have a Yurt (https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/14589369), so it’s all made of wood. Why would the type of accommodation make a change then?

Regarding the costs. So, that’s tricky. As If somebody is booking more days they are getting a weekly discount and ALSO you need to give them more service, while Airbnb don’t let you change the cleaning fees according to the length of stay.

We will not be around during the guest stay, so we will have to leave her extra towers and bedsheets. Is that a problem, instead of giving it personally after a week?

If you won’t be around leave her all the extra things she will need. Sheets, towels and any other info.
When we have long stays they tend to be more interested in the cooking facilities, washing facilities and wardrobe and kitchen cupboard space and use of kitchen facilities then the short stay ones.
Leave enough stuff for the duration of their stay, whether toilet paper, water, etc
Our experience is short stayers mainly just want a place to crash and not really interested in how everything works and where everything is in the home. Long stayers are more interested in all that!

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I agree with @AquaticQuests with one addition of clear communication - make sure that it’s clear that those towels need to last for 10 days (do you have laundry nearby, just in case?).

Also is there an area in your yurt that you can put the sheets so they’re still clean when they go to change them?

Make sure they’re aware it’s their responsibility to change the bed - for 10 days they might not bother, but it’s nice for them to know they have the option.

@Shlomo_Freund - simple because it depends on whether you are on the premises or not. If you aren’t you may need to employ someone to do the weekly clean/change over of linens.

This is from my Welcome Book

We have provided 2 bath towels, 2 washcloths and one beach towel per guest for your stay.
If you need to wash them, the laundry is located to the left of the barbeque grills near gated entrance to the beach.

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