Preparing for a bad review, advice?

So I am hosting a guy who’s first message was that he was a doctor from Portugal when he IB booked, which didn’t answer any of my three questions. In the beginning it was fine, made sure he had the amenities, he extended his stay 2x. That’s when his 2nd extension went into problems. Air emailed me saying that they didn’t receive payment and if they didn’t get paid, I wouldn’t either, so I would have to get payment somehow, but they had emailed the guest for a direct payment. I waited for 24 hours to see if the status would change for his first two credit cards, and it didn’t… so I had to come knock on his door or promptly remind him to change the credit card. Just didn’t expect it to be 3 credit cards he would have to go through and also having to call air 3x to make sure everything went smoothly, because he would only msg air. Next day after getting his payment to go through, he asks if his gf can stay and what the extra fee was. I wouldn’t budge from 200 a night (as stated on my airbnb listing) and even showed him the reason why is because the other room’s heading is Minifridge plus shared bathroom with 1 other person. I couldn’t get the other guy to confirm via airbnb app that he was ok with one extra person due to language barrier problems. So now Portuguese doctor has moved out, but not sure how to respond to his bad review when it does happen? I know that it has to be concise, but also hoping people read the response instead of glossing over just reading the star rating. I’m hoping he doesn’t bother to leave a review…

I only have 5 5 star reviews for the room he stayed in so not sure what the aftermath would be of a bad review so early in the game.

Why is he going to give a bad review? Because he didn’t want to follow your rules and policies.

Wait until the last minute to review him. If he lies in any way in his review you can possibly get it removed. If you respond to a bad review make it short, unemotional and factual. The fact that he extended 2x contradicts a bad review.


Hi Yen,
Is this the same guest you wrote about in a different post?
Why are you thinking he will leave a bad review?

Yes it is the same guest I wrote about in a different post. I think it’s because he never bothered to send me a text to say he was checking out and also the fact I wasn’t willing to negotiate the extra fee so I couldn’t accommodate his gf. Felt bad for the guy. I know air suggested I could give him a refund on the last two days, but I didn’t feel like offering it unless I saw him in person to gauge his response. He left without seeing me upon check out.

Good thing is, regardless how problematic/stressful a guest seems to be on my side, nothing has happened to my house except stolen 2 small bottles of peppermint oil (which was a BOGO at 2 dollars)

I’ve had this happen but only in a request to book. They request for one but mention a second person in their message. In only one case did the guest revise his request to add and pay for the second guest. The others canceled when they realized they’d have to pay for an extra person.

@Yen1 I think you also need to think about how you review the guest. Why don’t you draft something and they we can provide advice/input


Your guest sounds like a big pain in the ass. However, I think you should have just said no to the extra guest. You say that you don’t take extra guests, yet you will take them for $200.00 per night. Stating the reason as the other room’s title being “Shared Bathroom with 1 Other Person” doesn’t make sense. No matter how much or little the second person fee, the guest in the other room will be sharing a bathroom with two people if you allow the second guest.

“When he stayed with me, it went smoothly until he extended his stay for a 2nd time. I had called airbnb 3x to make sure his credit cards went through to pay for the stay. It wasn’t until the next day, he asked if his girlfriend could stay. My extra guest fee is 200 USD per night since it is meant for a single person, which I was not willing to negotiate. Because he wanted to have his girlfriend with him, he found another place to stay that would accommodate them both at a lower price.”

What do you think?