Preparation time not applied even though it was activated

Hello all,
A problem has occurred because my one day before-one day after every booking preparation time did not apply for a period of time. Maybe I made a mistake and deactivated it (something I don’t remember doing), but now I have six bookings that check in time and check out time of guests are falling on top of each other.
This happened a long time ago, and I hadn’t noticed it, because I was certain that the preparation time was activated (and it is), but now (one month ahead) that I tried to schedule the check ins of my guests, I realized the issue.
Has anyone faced that before?
Fortunately, I have managed to communicate with all (except one) guests and arrange their check in later. I have only one guest that requested check in at 8am, while the previous guests are not checking out before 1pm and we need about 1-2h for cleaning up. I have messaged him through air bnb to offer a discount and suggest I kept their luggage until the apartment is ready, but I have received no replies.
What would you do in such a case? Do you think I should contact air bnb?

What @ekakaflika are your check in and check out times on your listing?

Airbnb’s default is 3 p.m. onwards, so unless you agreed the guest could check in at 8.00 a.m. you can just tell him to come along at your normal check in time.

Allowing a guest to check out at 1 p.m. is late too.

If they want to check in at 8 a.m and your check in time is say 4 p.m. why are you offering them a discount or to accept their luggage? You would normally be charging them extra.

Difficult to advise without knowing your check in/check out procedure.

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Actually due to the preparation time setting, I have set the check in time 8-23:00 and check out time at 13:00 :pensive:

Oh dear

I have preparation time of one day in-between bookings and I still have check in between 6-11 and check out by 11 a.m.

I would call Airbnb and explain what has happened and asked for their advice. I think this must be a bug in their system as I too got a next day booking.

They might need to find the guest with an 8.00 a.m. check in an alternative booking.

Please change your check in to a more suitable time. If they are arriving at 08.00 a.m. in the morning then they should pay for the previous night or at least an extra half a day.

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Thank you very much, Helsi.
Changing the check in time might be a good move in all cases. I will try contacting airbnb about this case.

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Yes, make sure that your check in/out times are clear on your listing. We have 11 am & 4 pm and this makes same day turnovers very manageable. Plus, every time you get a booking, check the dates. It might be a bug or it might be that you forgot to activate the setting but whatever the problem was, you need to check your calendar every time someone books. If they request early check in just say no.

If the guests are paying attention they know that Airbnb’s standard times are 10 & 3 as @Helsi says. You’re under no obligation to let anyone into your rental until 3 in the afternoon or whatever time you put on your listing.


This happened to me and I was hopping mad as I have a full time day job and NEED one day between guests to turn around. Therefore I have very flexible check in check out times. I contacted all 3 guests overlap guests and fortunately they were understanding. I ended up taking expensive vacation time to flip the suite on the 2 affected days, and let airbnb know by facebook after the fact. These were business stays possible repeat biz so I took a hit rather than cancel the in-between booker. Airbnb didn’t respond at the time.

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