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Preferring vaccinated guests -what airbnb says

I submitted, and was approved by airbnb, to put this in my listing:

“Your host is fully vaccinated and we prefer only vaccinated guests.”

Where shall I put this that makes the best impact?


Right up front. First paragraph.


Over the weekend I added “pro vax host” in my TITLE.

I put the line “This fully vaccinated host prefers vaccinated guests” in the first paragraph. But I’m also closed at this time. I’ve been busy, the dog business is taking a lot of time and I’m getting a steady line of requests from friends so I don’t know when I’ll be testing out if this affects my Airbnb business.

I’m happy to know that Airbnb says we can include that in our listing FWIW.


Thanks for that. I had that I was vaccinated but it was at the bottom of the description. I’ve now elevated it to the opening line.


I have that I’m vaccinated in my first line but I don’t say vaccinated guests only. There’s no way to check that. I’ve only had one couple tell me they don’t care about Covid and think it’s a fake.

Right now I have a nurse practitioner staying with me for 3 weeks and she said my vaccination comment, the pool, and the cat were her deciding factors. It’s always the cat that reels them in!


Where would you like to book your AirBnB to?
Which country?

This is an international English language forum but probably 90% of the active members host in the US.

I don’t say vaccinated guests “only.” I say preferred. I agree it can’t be checked and my misgivings about hosting unvaccinated folks, or in particular, vaccine resistant folks, is why my Airbnb is basically closed while I decide what to do.

There are many ways a host can let guests know what kind of market they are aiming for and that’s what I’m doing. I’m sure there are “many fine people” on both sides of the vaccine debate but I hope one side chooses a different Airbnb.


I’ve been thinking about that - prefer vaccinated guests only - and was very surprised by the woman’s cavalier attitude. She was taken aback when, after she declared Covid a hoax and something not to worry about, when I said “Really? Because it almost killed me.” Her fiance looked a bit abashed.

So far she’s been the only one to say anything. No bookings past this long one, so I have time to tinker.


As you know, my listing is loaded with “virtue signaling” :wink: but I won’t consciously discriminate on a vaccine basis.


My standard reply when somebody talks about virtue signaling is to say “Of course virtues and virtuous things are very very important to me. And they are honest. If things that are virtuous are, to you simply hollow ‘signals’ then that tells me a lot about your character".


hahaaaaahhahaa. Not only does my listing virtue signal, but I’m putting myself at risk by not profiling…

oh, the humanity!


Is it virtue signaling when you list that you have bird feeders on the porch and post several bird photos that you’ve captured? What about listing organic coffee? I’m sure I’m doing it and didn’t even realize it because I did it the first go round and mostly got people I could relate to.


Oh we were being sarcastic based on getting flamed by a host that accused us and others for virtue signaling and unsafe practices by not screening by photo and names.


I’m a sucker for a green eyed cat. If they are fluffy another plus.


Welcome @hiddengemhomes!!!

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If it helps reel guests in, then I should post photos of my two indoor cats on my site even though most will never see them.

This one I call The Cat in the Nap


What a gorgeous fluff napping on the chair!!!

Because Bella Marie Pesky Paws is a Bengal, she runs to answer the door and greets guests morning, noon, and night. I do lock her in the master suite when I’m not around so she doesn’t herd them in the bathroom and I can make sure she is played with responsibly. A few have over-hugged and I’ve had to step in.

Guests tell me they love the touch of a few pics of her in the listing and she gets positive reviews. One guest was having a tough time (quietly) but Bella sensed it and let the guest pick her up and snuggle.

I’ve had guests with allergies stay here and they say she’s worth the Claritin. :wink:


And for those not vaccinated …

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I just spotted the “no vaccine DNA shedders here” listing via an air travel site. I couldn’t find the listing. Does anyone have the actual link?

I keep wishing for more Darwinian schadenfreude, but it doesn’t happen as often as it should.

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