Preapprove & decline bookings

I have a serious issue with the preapprove or decline a booking function. Don’t even get me started on instant book!

Airbnb removed the ‘need more information’ option. Why? We often need more information before we can accept or preapprove a booking. I often have to wait more than 24 hrs for guests to reply. Sometimes, they get back to me 20hrs later to say they’ve booked elsewhere. That means I would then have to decline a booking that the guest actually didn’t follow through on. Doesn’t this affect my rating?

Why on earth did Airbnb remove the ‘need more info’ option?!

So frustrating!

You could send them feedback, both through the platform and via tweet. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though. I’m still waiting for that pet fee.

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Airbnb is moving in a different direction. On another thread we are discussing that they are going to quit displaying photos in advance. And with them prioritizing hosts who instant book you will soon be left with no inquiries to worry about at all.