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Preapproval Required?

Airbnb Host n00b here,

If I do not preapprove a guest will this affect my response rate?


If you haven’t replied to them I’m pretty sure it counts as a reply. You don’t want to wait too long. Ideally you should reply a.s.a.p as it will improve your rankings.

So when a guest contacts me about a booking and I reply right away. Does that not count?

We have to reply to the guest but also pre approve them?


An inquiry and a booking request are two different things.

For an inquiry, your only requirement is to reply.

For a booking request, you need to either accept or decline.

If you reply to them it is a response. After that it doesn’t matter how long it takes to reply because only the first reply counts towards the response rate.

Yes you need to pre approve them so they can book it.

See this thread

Wow…thank you so much. Huge help!

One more question.

In my listing, if you scroll down just a tad. Where it says “The Space” under Bed Type. It says “Air Bed” and this is wrong. But I can’t seem how to edit this to a real queen bed.

Any ideas?

Thanks again everyone

It’s under basics in the menus on the left when you edit your listing

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How did you get to the full desktop site on mobile?

I used the browser not the app

On what device was that

Post must be 20

Interesting, it’s impossible to force desktop mode on chrome browser on Android devices.

It constantly wants to switch to the app on my ipad, but I can get it to work. I don’t like the APP at all, it’s very limited IMHO

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I don’t like the mobile version, it’s even more crippled than the app, I’d love to just have the desktop version on my phone for moments when I need to do special offers or modify reservations because it’s a mess on the app/mobile site.

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What can I say, get an iPad it’s not perfect but it works!

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