Possible Hot Tub issue

I just had a guest report that they have Folliculitis from our hot tub.
(They first accused us of bed bugs)

In all our years, this is has never been an issue. We have professional pool company maintain for us on a regular basis. We do not charge extra for the hot tub use.

We are devastated that they didn’t have a good experience and have looked to make it right by offering a full nights’ refund out of the three nights they stayed.
They want 1.5-2 nights refunded.
There was also an issue with the thermostat before they arrived (didn’t warm the house up in time)

They sound way too prepared with all of their accusations, to be honest. I had to look up “folliculitis”. Did they send pictures of both person’s breakouts?

I think I’d have the professional pool company test the water before refunding half of someone’s stay because it sounds like extortion to me. When was the tub last treated (I’d get report from the pool company) and how many guests have used it between the last treatment and this guest?

Bed bugs and staph-infected hot tub? You’d have to be doing a really poor job to hit both of those big guys at once and you do NOT sound like an inattentive host.

Did they mention what kind of review they would give you along with the refund request? If they ask for money and threaten a poor review if you don’t pay, you can have their review removed after the fact. I would give them no more than I originally offered for the thermostat and save that money to do a bed bug treatment as they may have brought them in/ABB may require proof of treatment.


At least confirm the claim of folliculitis (“hot tub rash”) before giving a refund. You can buy test kits that detect the presence of Pseudomonas bacteria.

I assume you already confirmed there were no bed bugs.

“We are pleased to be able to offer you a one-night refund. We will also be providing Airbnb host services a complete set of our pest control and pool sanitation and maintenance records in order to reassure future guests and respond to any questions.”

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They have not mentioned anything about how they will review.
Interesting thought about asking for proof….never would have thought of that!

The mattresses are protected from bed bugs in a special bag to prevent infestation.
We used the house days before the guest in question (no one between) and there was no issue.

Obviously before you do anything you should check for bed bugs and Folliulitis and let your guests know that you will need to charge for the cost of these tests if it turns out that your place is free of both.

I wouldn’t be offering any refund at all until you know if either conditions exists.

Sounds like your guests are just trying it on @Eli_Lazar


@Eli_Lazar Smells like scammers.

Why should you be devastated and how do you know they didn’t have a good experience just because they reported something?

Don’t be so quick to profusely apologize and offer refunds for something you have no proof of.

“Oh, dear. Thanks for letting me know. I will arrange to have the hot tub checked and get back to you if the technician discovers anything amiss”.

Acknowledgement, sympathy, and professional attitude to a reported issue. No need to act responsible or guilty for something you don’t even know is true.


When we first got a hot tub (personal use not guests) we hired a professional company to maintain it. Not knowing anything AT ALL about hot tubs at the time, it turns out the company did a really poor job. Therefore I would definitely get some test strips and monitor your hot tub yourself, in addition to whatever the company does.