Possible drug dealer renting my house

I rented last month to a crew of 4 guys from Chicago (we are near Minneapolis). We found cash deposit receipts, in the hundreds of dollars for different back accounts, in a really bad neighborhood, and a slip of paper with 6 telephone numbers on it with 6 digit pins after each number. We are really uncomfortable renting to them. They tried renting again today, but thankfully we had blocked today for some repairs we need to so, they couldn’t (it asked, and we declined). What would you all do in this case? They were clean renters, but with the red flags… I dont want to get caught in the middle of something bad. We have been superhosts most of last year.

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I believe I saw that the block function is backbup- so you should be able to block this specific renter. I absolutely do not blame your for being uncomfortable.


Also want to say that I may have been inclined to bring this evidence to the local pd.


I dont see the block function. How do you get to it?

Thank you


Block them so they can’t rent from you. To block them you need to go to their profile. Click under their profile where it says “report”. Then click on “something else”. Type that you’re concerned they’re renting your home for illegal activities. It’s confidential. The guest will not see it, only AirBnb.

The block function isn’t always available. Best to call Airbnb to make sure you get them blocked.

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At this point you can’t prove anything. Nobody really knows what is going on. if you contact the police, and your hunch is right, these people could be dangerous. And you may be dragged in to testify. It’s a matter of protecting yourself.

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Block them by calling Airbnb is the block function isn’t working. Then forget about the situation.

As @justMandi says, you need to protect yourself and your family and you need to remove yourself from the entire thing. You rented accommodation to these people and that where your involvement stops.