Possible Airbnb fraud

HI Everyone,

Just thought I would share a booking request with everyone. Guest sent email requesting for a 3 day booking (for a private room.) Cost for the 3 nights was just over $200. They were going to stay with friends, and not at my place. However wanted me to charge more as their "company’ was paying and they wanted me to split the cost with them.

So either they are committing company fraud or credit card fraud with a possible charge-back by the credit card company. Had a chat with Airbnb but they didn’t seem to interested. Never got a clear answer as to what would happen if a chargeback from the bank occurred. My guess is I would be out of pocket, not Airbnb.


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If it were me, I would steer clear - if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t!

Good luck and keep us updated :slight_smile:

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This is a relatively common scam.

Please report the user to AirBNB; and they’ll be removed from the platform.

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Hi Ashcar

That was my thoughts. if it sounds too good, it is


Think you’ve made the right choice :+1: always best to stick to your gut feeling.

And as as @Ash953 says, please report the user so no one else gets sucked in.

Odd that Air “wasn’t interested.” You must have gotten a real bad apple on the line or a real newbie. I don’t find them to be that sharp about 50% of the time.