Positive response from AirBnB

So I am a fairly new host and have seen so many negative posts about interactions with AirBnb that I was very nervous when a recent bad guest forced me to file a claim through the resolution center. Broken glass table top, trashed spa, vomit everywhere…fun times. I submitted a claim but of course no response from the guest. Escalated to Airbnb and within 24 hours my entire claim was approved. Not sure why or how but just wanted to write this to share some positivity and let new hosts know its not all bad, all the time, when dealing with Airbnb.


Are you sure the guest didn’t just accept the charges? Usually it takes more time than 24 hours if they dispute it.

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The guest didn’t respond for three days after I sent the request to him. Within 24 hours after escalating it to Airbnb I received an email from Airbnb saying they processed my payment, have reached out to my guest and no further action is needed. I’m a happy camper in any case!

Congrats. It must have defaulted. Stupid guests, I hope they don’t ever darken anyone else’s door. Do leave a bad review, at the last minute would be best.

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Oh they received a bad review all right… Funny thing is that they send a review for me almost immediately after they checked out - despite never responding to any of my friendly “checking in” messages during their stay. I was so curious what they wrote but held off submitting my review until the claim was processed. I got 5 stars lol…

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Oh dear, sounds horrible. Honestly I’m knocking on wood here but I’ve never had a nightmare guest like this.

I’ve been hosting over a year and have had over 115 different guests at my condo and it’s been quite lovely. No rotten apples have stayed with me.

I feel really blessed in this because I can’t imagine having to clean up vomit and a trashed house. UGH! Glad Airbnb got back to you quickly. I’ve had nothing but positive interactions with them since I started using it.

Five stars for providing the perfect place that they can vomit all over!


Here’s The Golden Rule (for me):

Every guest who KNOWS he breached the House Rules leaving an immediate 5 Star review as soon as they leave.

I’ve seen this happening to me 100% of the times my guests knew they are wrong. It’s always funny to read their 5 Star after leaving their mine :wink:


Yeah - it was a “great cozy cabin”…he just left off “to cover every inch of the bathroom in puke” lol

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So you have your money now?

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Air Bnb is pretty good with claims actually. I had a positive experience as well. I had 2 russians girls stay. They put blood stains all over my sheets, bedcover, mattress pad etc. First thing i did is take picture. As long as you show them proper evidence. They respond quickly to a claim.