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Poll: Would you come to a Hosts only conference?

Hi everyone!

Tom here – the administrator of airhostsforum.com! Back when Cyn and I started hosting in 2014, I’ve always dreamt of going to a hosts only conference as a way to get to know other hosts and to get more information about this space. I know Airbnb hosts their conference once a year, but I feel like in 2019, we as hosts have options when it comes to the various platforms. Having choices is a good thing.

I was recently talking a vendor who has brought up the idea of perhaps hosting a conference for all the forum members and all the hosts in the world. At first it was something was less interesting to me than attending a conference (think of all the work in planning a conference!). However, after doing some research, I realize that there isn’t a conference just for regular, part-time hosts like me and you. Therefore, I’d like to get the community’s opinion on whether or not they would find it useful to have a conference just for hosts.

There are a few aims for such a conference:

  • Connect with other like minded hosts in person to talk about various time/money hacks, just like the reason you joined this forum

  • Attend sessions for hosts on various topics such as (but not limited to):
    – How to plan a renovation in preparation for an Airbnb
    – How to expand operation (ie. purchasing another property to do Airbnb)
    – What other platforms are out there besides Airbnb and how well they work
    – How to use technology to help with making hosting easier (ie. products, apps, services)

  • Take a bit of time off in Vegas and have some fun :slight_smile:

Hosts, if you can take a minute and fill out the following poll, that will help us here at airhostsforum.com possibly making this happen!

Also, what topics would you like to see at such a conference? I’d be interested in learning more about what other hosts are interested in from an information perspective. After all, the whole point of the forum is to provide information to hosts! Thanks everyone! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Yes! I would love to attend a 2 day conference in Las Vegas for $399
  • Yes! I would love to attend a 2 day conference in Las Vegas for $299
  • Yes! I would love to attend a 1 day conference in Las Vegas for $199
  • Yes! I would love to attend a 2 day conference but not in Las Vegas
  • No - the location would not be suitable for me
  • No - the price is not right
  • No - I wouldn’t get any value from this

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Sorry Tom, but I’m far too busy :slight_smile:

I would really love to meet so many of the people I ‘know’ so well here from the forum. It would be brilliant!

So sorry, but right now, it’s not for me.


One out of the box thought, based on what I’ve seen on this board, might be a “workshop” for part time hosts who together might formulate a strategy where these hosts have stronger say in AirBNB rules / decisions.

The thought being that a larger coalition might be able ask for / negotiate more favorable terms for their members (i.e. Star Tracking Measurements, one off reviews, etc). I don’t know if something like this possible or warranted, but I’ve read about UBER and LYFT drivers doing a work stoppage for a day to call attention to some of their concerns.

I would suggest that you review the Topics on this Forum and assess which are the most commented / active and derive some subject matter from what seems to be hot buttons and work from there.

VIVA Las Vegas !


Vegas would be far too a dangerous location for me. I would return with an extra mortgage and face tattoo.


I’d like to see tracks for the different types of hosting - owner-occupied - private room, owner-occupied with a separate apartment, non-owner occupied whole house, non-owner occupied individual rooms rented etc.

Agree - with see what topics are “hot” on the forum to develop panels/presentations

Invite vendors of items people like to have in their unit? If enough people to make it worthwhile to the vendors :slight_smile:

Would it be in a hotel? Or does someone have an Airbnb nearby that doubles as an event center???


Good points.

It’ll most likely be at a convention centre since there would be more than a few hundred hosts.

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I’m not checking a price box without knowing what’s included in the price. Does it include hotel? What do we get for each price level?

I’m not fond of Vegas, but I spent time there at computer shows, the only reason I ever visited. Alaskans like me do like to get out of the rainy season in October.


I would start with an ONLINE conference with complete interactivity. And all sessions recorded! Invite speakers. A model is Eric Moller who does Airbnb Mastery Summit. I don’t get into Arbitrage or cohosting, but he does a brilliant presentation.

This does away with “too expensive” or “too far” or “too long” or “too busy now”

Many of us work full time.


I would like the face to face interaction and some presentations would be great.


Just for input, a similar one took place in New Orleans in Feb for VRBO / HomeAway owners from another site very much like this one.
It was well planned with significant and well known industry speakers.
The event was professionally put together.
Well attended.
If you proceed, you might consider tapping into other Airbnb host sites around the internet and on FB to get more attendees.
I found a link so you can see what was done this past year. Also it was not limited to women only. Another is being planned.


You would have to have it in some other (cooler!) location.

And my husband and I would probably attend together, so the price would have to take 2 people into consideration. $600-800 is way too much for me.

Going to Las Vegas for a one-day conference would also not be attractive to me.

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I’m from Europe. Vegas, for me, is the epitome of kitsch. The first time I went there I had to pinch myself: really? Is this real? People go ga-ga for this kitschy casinos, when there’s a real Eiffel tower, a real Venice, you know? And Excalibur is a joke. No European medieval castle looks like Duplo cubes stacked upon one another.
The few things I enjoyed in vegas are the famous chefs restaurants, the shows and the fountains in front of Bellagio.
In rest, if you pay me to go there I wouldn’t!
It’s enough I have to suffer to go there for work conferences. I don’t gamble and every night i went out of the strip to dance.
I have no time because I work full time and I manage my rentals. Honestly, I don’t see the value of it when everything I need is on this forum.

New Orleans, yes, I’d go for a mini vacation. Beautiful city, authentic, history, other things to do, but as I said, I see no value in the conference, since everything i need is here.


Our conferences are at MGM and we use their ballrooms. they are huge.

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One advantage to Vagus is the cheap flights encouraging people to go. We also don’t gamble but found plenty of sightseeing to do without it. Buffets used to be cheap to encourage people to stay in the casinos but that has changed.

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reminder: smoking is allowed at these hotels…:roll_eyes:


Still? Thanks for the reminder.


Then I change my votes…absolutely NOT!

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I, too, would not go to Vegas.

Every place you walk in and out of, there are 10 people outside shoving prostitute cards in your hands. You can’t even not take them - they literally put them in your hands as you try to push them away. The ground is an inch thick in these “business” cards.

And it doesn’t matter what time of day. It is disgusting. I’ll never go back.

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Vegas has really good conference deals, so it would be cost-effective. But what about a conference on a cruise ship? Like any other conference, tax deductible business expense if it meets the criteria.

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