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Police called on Airbnb guests


The willfully ignorant are impervious to facts. And this isn’t new. Learning about corruption, racism and classism in the criminal justice system in the 1970’s is why I never used my degree in Criminal Justice in the field of CJ.


Ah and you need to add in the fact about the high levels of prisoners in the US justice system who have Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and low literacy levels.


Criminal Justice. Sounds like an oxymoron (like military intelligence).


In 1976 it sounded impressive to me. Two words and it was a B.S. not a B.A. It has to be the easiest degree to get though. I learned a lot and had some awesome professors.


There’s also childhood lead poisoning, as well as foetal alcohol syndrome, if I remember correctly.

Either way, back when I was a special ed teacher, we would darn near kill ourselves trying to get the kids’ reading levels up, because we knew that if they couldn’t read, they would be far more likely to end up in the criminal justice system for one reason or another.


To be expected with gun lawlessness and routinely armed police in the US.

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