Please tell me how to handle this (requesting extra charges from guests)

I posted about people staying long periods and if I should get in there and clean. You were all very helpful. I posted again about the same boys who bought a 20 dollar movie…We’ll today they checked out and OMG WHAT A MESS.

They admit to breaking a really cute plate that goes with my cowboy motif and to URINATING IN MY BATHROOM SINK. The urine was all over the counter. The place was a mess. Two big stains in the carpet–they admit to spilling strawberry Fanta. They moved the two sofas around. During the first few days these boys were driving crazy on my street blaring music with terribly offensive words. I spoke to them and they were better.

This doesn;t really matter but Just a little background–I live in a really nice area and rent my basement bc of a recent divorce. I am a teacher who lives alone and can’t afford this house with out the basement. I am a super host with all 5 star reviews. This situation is killing me (that’s a little dramatic I know!)

Any way I am very upset and want to know what you think I should charge them? They won’t admit to buying the movie but when I turned on the tv it was the first thing that popped up and it asked if I want to watch it again I was bought at 1 AM. I took lots of pictures and spoke to AIRBNB they said to try to deal with them then if they will intervene if needed.

You have a security deposit and took pictures of the damage, right? So calculate how much it will cost you to replace and put in a claim. You are the only one who can know how much to charge them. Take control.


Send them a request for money. If they don’t accept it, then get Airbnb resolution center involved. Their behavior is unacceptable.

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And give the honest review.


Just wondering what others think about timing the claim.

Justine mentions how important her Airbnb income is to her so getting a bad review from these people could be devastating.

Should she wait 14 days before making damage claim and review? What happens if another guest arrives during the 14 day period can you still make a claim?

Justine does mention that she is already a SH, with all 5* reviews, so I don’t think one bad review will be devastating to her business. Rather if they do leave one, it will stick out like a sore thumb and potential guests will understand completely.

@justine. I understand how upset you must feel; I think all of us have experienced what you are feeling at sometime or other. My second set of guests were a total nightmare and left a lengthy 2* review. This did not affect my business going forward at all, thankfully. It was soon buried.

It’s good that you have already spoken to Air CS, and took photos.

You now need to focus on putting together, when you’ve regained your equilibrium, an honest, short, factual account of why no other host will want these boys in their property. Do this in rough draft first, spitting out every piece of vitriol you are feeling.

Then delete, breathe, and go for a walk. You will start to feel better, I promise!

Start again, with your factual, unemotional account. You could do worse than post it up here for advice from some of our seasoned killer review writers.


@justine, I don’t know enough about your listing/area to know if this will help or not, but sometimes it’s possible to tailor your listing to some extent to attract the types of guests you want to host.

What do you know about the people who are attracted to your listing? Do they tend to be groups of two or larger groups? Are they staying for business or pleasure? Long stays or short? What in your area is attracting them? Are you in a summer resort area? Near a university or a medical center?

Is there a way to word your listing, or highlight certain features that will help to attract the kinds of guests you want? For instance, I live in a summer beach resort town. I have a max occupancy of two, so that weeds out those who want to rent a property to throw a party. I’m not super close to the beach, but I capitalize on that by advertising my place as quiet, restful and relaxing. This seems to help weed out the young couples who want to party till dawn down town (though not entirely!)

I’m also fortunate enough to live relatively close to a small but apparently prestigious university. Over the winter I’ve hosted medical students who are far to busy studying to cause any trouble. I also list my place on sites catering to travel nurses who do 13 week stints at the local hospital.

FYI - I’m in the same boat right now too . I rent my second floor as a separate space.

Some more thoughts,

  • definitely put in your house rules that the host may enter the unit any time to perform maintenance or verify the usage or clean even if no cleaning service was ordered

  • also I really avoid renting to groups of friends, what you describe is what I would expect, I put in my rules and welcome message that groups of friends must present themselves and ask permission before instant booking.

  • I also put ‘’no drugs drinking or drunken behaviour’ I saw this in an Airbnb I was a guest in thought that was a good idea!

yes, it’s pretty standard policy. Write a message on the platform to the boys detailing (bullet points) what the charges are, wait the 24 hr until they reply they didn’t do it then a button labeled “involve Airbnb” will appear, you press it, list again the charges, but better have invoices, or receipts available (ex receipt of how much the carpet they stained cost, or the cost of carpet cleaning, cost of the broken plate etc).
In this business you kind of have thick skin. If you are going through divorce perhaps you should rent to more reliable people. 20 years old will damage stuff. Even older guys will damage stuff but with younglings chances are greater to have damage. Also try to guest proof your house: take everything of sentimental value or you don’t mind if broken out of the way. if you have hardwood floor perhaps don’t use carpets.

Did these guys admit all of these things via the message platform or verbally in person?

They left a written note and the one who didn’t do the urinating messaged me on the AIRBNB site and told me everything except didn’t admit to buying the movie. Makes me wonder what else they did…? I asked for $150 for damages which was low balling it; however they didn’t respond so now it’s in Airbnb’s hands…ugh…

Well as long as you have it written on the platform messenger then Airbnb can see it. They should definitely be backing you up since they can visibly see the guest admitting what happened

No drinking? Uhm, MYOB


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You running a temperance house?

If I saw a no drinking (of alcohol) in the house rules then that place would be off the list.



That’s OK, the host also “avoids renting to groups of friends” so you would only be drinking alone anyway.


I’m going to put “no having sex” in my listing rules.


Haha! I’ve only had really nice guests to far so maybe it’s working!

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Maybe I’ll simplify and just say “don’t come here you can’t do anything!” :laughing:

That’s how I’m feeling tonight!


Erp. Ok, then, you definitely need to come visit Portland again if we’re going to meet IRL.


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