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Please let me know your hosting experiences!

Hello all!
My name is Lucy, and I’d love to speak to you about your hosting experiences for a potential interview for our blog on pearlshare.com. I’m dead nice, honest.

I recently did an interview with the lovely Katia Blanchard of bnbstaging.com on her experiences as a host and her tips for improving your listing. The full interview can be viewed here. I’m looking to build up a collection of these interviews that are by hosts and for hosts as I think they could be a really nice resource in the future - and also it’s clear so many of you have stories to tell and advice to give! So, if any of you would be interested in doing that please comment below; I’d really appreciate it.

In the meantime, if you wanted to check out pearlshare.com and understand a bit more about what we do over there then please do! Hope you like it.


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