Please help with rules of house samples

Hi everyone,

I am a new host, so would appreciate if you could share your sample of rules of house.

Thank you for your kind attention.

House Rules (not all mine, but this gives you some ideas):
No Smoking, anywhere
No Pets
No Children
Separate Trash for Recycling – put glass and plastic bottles in blue bin
Swim At Your Own Risk
Quiet Time After 9 PM to 9AM
No Door Slamming!
Remove Shoes Before Entering House

I consider most of my rules to be common sense but experience has taught me that I must be clear:
*Please leave the apartment in the condition you found it.
*Children must be supervised by a parent at all times.
*I only have space to accommodate one child under 2 and a max of 2 other children if you decide our space is appropriate for your family.
*Please include ALL children and infants in the guest counts and in your message provide detailed information so that we can make sure my place is appropriate and set up correctly.
*Pet owners must be responsible for their pets and clean-up after them. I do not have a fenced in yard, pets must remain leashed in the yard and kenneled when left alone.
*Only confirmed guests (and pets) are allowed on my property.
*No smoking, burning candles, or fire of any kind allowed indoors.
*Pool use (May-August) is at your own risk. No unsupervised children allowed.

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