Please help me with this review

I had a couple for a one night stay, she had 8 prevous good reviews and they left the villa clean and tidy with the dishwasher put on. However…they took 3 spare toilet rolls from the container and 2 more that were stored at the very back of the cupboard. They also took the new bottle of body wash just put in that day (liquid soap, I know!).
This container of spreads was full and they took the lot.

The cleaner said they followed all the house rules but took pretty much everything they could lay their hands on. As she said those things are put in the villa as a courtesy.

What should I write? Keeping in mind that with 8 good reviews I am going to look like the problem is me!

Some people use / take everything, some guests use nothing. I treat it as an average…
Tell them off in your private feedback.


Sorry to hear that. With only 8 reviews I would let it go as hard as that is. Unless they leave a bad review.

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I would be tempted to charge them - cheeky sods.

I understand @Debthecat point but this isn’t a case of taking already opened minatures in a bathroom. This is deliberate theft.

I would definitely mention this publicly in their review. As a host I would want to avoid guests like this.

Emphasise the positive, but mention how disappointed you were to find that XXX and XXX had removed XXX from your property and therefore you are not in a position to recommend them to future hosts.

@JamJerrupSunset James I think Poppy is saying the guests have 8 reviews. Not her.


Thanks Helsi . Point taken.

I would do the same.

Some guests have a sense of entitlement. If it is left there in the accommodation they feel if is there for their use to the point of taking it. Other guests want value for money, if it is there, they will take it as a “ bonus” reducing the cost of the booking. I only leave what I am happy to see used/ taken and I actually find it funny when I am cleaned out, only twice in 2 years.

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I do appreciate this, but it is going into a cupboard and searching out an additional two toilet rolls and taking an entire container of spreads that got me.

That’s why this forum is so useful. Different folks. Different strokes. When it comes to our perception of a situation and the advice we give.

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I agree, and straight away thought it was just a newbie who was used to a hotel, when I realised she had 8 positive reviews I was surprised.

I think this is also only the second time for me in 4 years as well.

I’m with Helsi. I’m also one of those people that thinks taking all the toiletries in a hotel and putting them in your luggage isn’t really right, either (other than the ones you used) - we’ve had that thread here before.

Maybe the “thief” was the other person she brought with her.

You could put this in the public review “Susie seems to have stocked herself and her companion for the rest of their trip, as our new bodywash, the jams and jellies, and all our toilet paper were missing after they left”


Me too, the spreads I can understand. But the spare rolls are really tucked away so I think that’s what shocked us the most, who takes toilet rolls with them? Not to mention taking the new bottle of body wash. The cost is kind of irrelevant, I think it’s more about that if every one night guest took this amount of “courtesy” supplies we would resort to miniature bottles.

I don’t mind taking the miniature supplies from a hotel if I will use them, I won’t take them just for the sake of it. However they are miniatures not a full bottle of body wash.

I love your suggestion for the review. That’s what I would like, great ways to write the review without me looking like a miser.

I’m with @PitonView I wouldn’t dream of taking unopened toiletries from a hotel. It doesn’t matter whether you will use them or not.

It doesn’t matter if it is a hotel or an Airbnb. Use what is provided while you are there and don’t walk off with stuff that was provided for you to use in the accommodation you booked.


The first guests I had cleared out all the little travel size “extras” I’d put in the suite - razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and helped themselves to 3 rolls of TP, along with all the K-cups I offered (15-20). It’s so rare, and not on the level of truly bad guests, but it’s rude. I think they should be called out (gently?) in review.

I might try:
“Guest was (something nice)… I was disappointed to see they took ALL the consumables we left in the villa which should have been sufficient for several more stays. We hope GUEST reconsiders this type of behavior in future stays because it’s not in the spirit of homesharing.”


I love the wording of this review, but I would add in parentheses after “all the consumables” something like “including several rolls of toilet paper and a full sized body wash”. To me as a host that really drives the point home that this was really beyond taking a few mini soaps or travel sized toothpaste or something. As a host I would still allow her to stay, I’d just remove any extras of anything.


I agree with what @Allison_H wrote and @Arlene_Larsson amended.

"Guest left the place clean and tidy. But beware, Guest seemed to think s/he was entitled to take all the consumables in the space (5 rolls of TP, new bottle of body wash, and an entire rack of jams and jellies).


And I’d have to provide mostly empty bottles of body wash, shampoo, etc. as I too use full sized.

I provide full sized and top them off regularly. 500 guests over 4.4 years and not one bottle of anything has been taken. The extra TP under the sink…untouched. The only thing to walk were some glass water bottles that the guests thought were meant to be taken because my guest info sheet refered to “complimentary water bottles.”

Maybe it’s the low price of my rentals and I don’t get the entitled rich kids who think since they paid $200 a night everything not nailed down is theirs?

That sort of thing happened to us when we first started hosting. Since then I have resorted to becoming like a rationing clerk in WW1. There is one disposable toilet wand scrub pad, 2 rolls of toilet paper. 2 packets of coffee, small supply of napkins, 1 new travel toothbrush, etc. I always tell guests to let me know if they need any more of anything. Rarely do they message me a request. This has worked for us. If they take everything, it is no bother due to limited supply.
I had one guest use 20 individual creamers for her bowl of oatmeal,she said she didn’t want to drive to the store to buy milk, so I switched to packets of powdered creamer.


I’ve never had anything like that happen either, I was just saying if I saw that in a review of someone booked with me I’d plan accordingly.

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