Please help me reply approrpriately

Please help community! This is ‘one of those’…

I have been hosting for 20-months with glowing 5-star reviews. I violated my own policy of not hosting folks without reviews and took in an elderly (70’s or so) couple that were an absolute NIGHTMARE. I was reminder of my parents and had projected…“oh these folks will be great”. They left a day early and are demanding a refund. They also left a SCATHING review that was immediately removed, thank Airbnb.

They have now filed a claim for the amount of their last night. They are reporting that they left due to illness. Even though their review stated that the home was atrocious.

How do I handle crazy with grace and style while being professional.

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Were they difficult while they were there? Or did the review just come out of the blue?

I’m interested in hearing how it happened that their review was removed. Was it against TOS? Did you also review them?

In terms of the refund, is Airbnb just asking you if you’d like to refund them? If that’s the case, you’re allowed to say no.

Can’t really help in detail unless we get some more details. Be Truthful and Factual and leave your emotions at the door (as they say).

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Oh please share how you got a review taken down by AirBnB! What was said?

So difficult for you and I understand completely your dilemma. I have just written a negative review of guests. It took me 12 days to ponder whether not to review at all or to to give an honest review. I decided on the latter. They really were a disgrace and left the cottage dirty and damaged. On reading their review I was glad I wrote what I did. Their 4* for cleanliness ( for me) was risible. The cottage was forensically cleaned for their arrival. Yet they made no effort to clean the mess they made.
You are lucky Airbnb removed their review. I wish I knew how that can be done. I have had some unpleasant guests this season, one lot in particular wrote a very nasty review which I would have liked removed as it was inaccurate and unjustified.
You have it in writing that they left early due to illness so just should hold that up against their ‘atrocious’ claim.

This is never a ‘choice’. Honesty is always what is needed. Not reviewing a bad guest is hurtful to all the hosts who are not privy to the guests’ actions.


Just seconding what @Rolf said. It’s more important to review bad guests than good ones!


I agree Rolf. It was weak of me to defer the review. What I am wondering is whether the guests can challenge my review/ have it removed. Weirdly, considering the state they left the cottage, they have 5* ( x3). I didn’t mention the dirty dishes in cupboards and a raft of other messes.

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If the guest left a review and it was taken down, what do you need help replying to? You can’t reply to the guest’s bad review and you can no longer leave the guest a review.


If you want some help you need to be more clear about what happened. What were the issues with the guest, Are they claiming they became ill because of your listing? How? @Fooey