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Please help me compose review for bed bug guy

Guess what? That guest that came from Canada from a bed bug listing left me a review for the one night he stayed! I’m a bit confused about what I’m allowed to say in my review. Can I mention that he was asked by airbnb to leave early and that I had to hire an exterminator before airbnb was satisfied that I wasn’t infested before they allowed me to continue hosting? Or that he harassed me for a refund after he left? Or is it that I’m only allowed to mention his behavior in terms of him living in my home for that one night?

On second thought I probably don’t want to mention bed bugs at all, because I’m afraid any association with the POSSIBILITY of bed bugs will affect future listings… Ugh but what if he mentioned it in his review?!


This is a tough one. I’d call air with your concerns, maybe they can remove his review if he mentions bb

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And then come back and tell us what happened.

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Can you still message him? Ask him what he said in his review and if he mentioned bedbugs.

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