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Please help: guest did severe damage and airbnb is not responding



I’m sure that although AirBB supposedly has us insured for $1m they are not they ones you need to be talking to, they have a policy with an actual insurance company and you need to find out what company that is and contact them right away.
Take lots of photos of the damage because insurance companies have to see what the damages are.
The damaged car is probably covered under the owner’s auto insurance. When they make a claim on that damage, the insurance company will want to find who caused the damages and get them to pay.
Everyone on AirBB should have commercial insurance–my regular homeowner’s policy and most of the ones I had over-the-years said if I was renting out a room on AirBB they would drop my policy immediately, luckily it was running out anyway. But, I had a heck of a time finding a policy, the minute you are renting they say, “no way!” I found three companies that would write that type of policy, finally settled on an agent who had a Lloyd’s of London connection and wrote me one of those policies.
What happened to you is exactly why having just the AirBB policy is not enough.

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