Please help: guest did severe damage and airbnb is not responding

absolutely, one night stay is just not worth it especially during winter slow season. I’m trying to see if i can make one day stay off instant booking.

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You could try tweeting them. But I suspect that the 3rd party issue has flagged this already for their legal department. Keep at it. Don’t wait more than a day before you call again.

You are doing arbitrage and you DONT have seperate insurance!
They got access to the garage through the fob you issued them with?
Was required insurance a term in your lease?
I think you have a very deep hole to deal with!


Goodness - I missed that. No insurance? Surely the owner of the properties does? (I hope this isn’t yet another example of people thinking that Airbnb hosting is a great way to make easy money!)

I don’t quite understand what Airbnb is supposed to do here. The damage to the cars was done out of the Airbnb rentals and should be covered by the car owners’ insurance. And it’s probably a police matter. I suppose that the host could ask Airbnb to divvi up for extra cleaning but I usually class that as something we all have to do every now and then.

And i don’t quite see how a party was allowed to happen.

All of us can get ID’s. Put it in your rules this is what mine say:
The county requires I get a copy of ID and collect 10% tax
I ALWAYS get the id, i tell the guest to snap a picture and text/email it to me before I give the door code. I have never had an issue getting the ID or tax.


My thoughts exactly. This is far more complicated than getting Airbnb to answer. In fact, I do think their lack is speediness may indicate that this case has already landed in the legal department. And to the OP, if you thought we would only comment on how you could get Airbnb to respond and NOT on the whole situation and how it could have been avoided, you will be disappointed. The forum - in cases like this - will go into immediate analysis mode.

Hello Jaquo

I called several insurance company two years ago when i first started doing airbnb, and the insurance provided by airbnb is actually better than most property insurance on the market already, which even include third party claim, which covers damage done outside of the listing. that’s why i did not get a separate insurance for it. and tenant insurance or property insurance wouldn’t cover things like neighbor’s car anyway.

If there is a insurance you currently use and could recommend would be much appreciated.

the party was not allowed, guest started it at midnight when i already felt into sleep, taken down the no party allowed sign inside the unit and started that way.

You want them to reply?
Put those car pictures on Facebook with a heading along the lines of
My Guests destroyed my neighbours lux car!
Airbnb won’t respond!

It will be seen and they will respond publicly…they hate bad publicity.
But don’t be surprised if they drop you from the platform.

What? Who told you that? If you consider that Air 100% decides based on the mood of a 22 year old CS rep what and if they pay anything at all you would realize the Host Guarantee is BULLSHIT

Oh my


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Sorry but you really don’t have a leg to stand on. Unless you’re in some very. VERY remote location then of course you can get insurance. Hosts here can.

I’m afraid a sign isn’t going to prevent parties.

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If one reads the Host Protection Insurance information it specifially says that autos aren’t covered. There’s a link to a summary of coverage on this page.

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@cindygoround – MAJOR Fubar on your part assuming that the Air insurance was worth anything. You are operating WITHOUT insurance, and may well pay the price.


what i looked into when i was shopping for insurance is this thing called: host protection insurance issued by Lloyd’s of London and Zurich Insurance.

I called property insurance company, very few works with airbnb units and did not sounds so promising. Mostly about in unit insurance, which i figure already covered. After two years of running airbnb without any trouble, i simply left the insurance thing behind. My bad.

I honestly really enjoyed my hosting experience and 99.9% of my guests are very wonderful people, that’s why i did not post on any social media.

If this really doesn’t work out with insurance provided by airbnb, think i might just have to bear the cost.

If there is any quality insurance for airbnb, anyone can recommend would really appreciate it

are you a host? any recommendation on insurance that also covers neighbor’s car?

You need to tell us where you are based?

U.S. Massachusetts

Thank you guys very much for all the advice

Most of us here have been hosts for several years. Why don’t you use the search facility? There are several threads about insurance. I’m amazed that your broker couldn’t recommend a good STR insurance to you. The owner of the building didn’t need to see your STR insurance before you started hosting?

Expecting an STR insurance to cover a neighbour’s car is a bit much, don’t you think? The neighbour’s car has been vandalised - it doesn’t matter that the vandals were Airbnb guests. It’s a matter for the police and the neighbour’s insurance company. (Although you might offer to pay the deductible if the building owner is going to let you carry on hosting).

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I use CBIZ but I would not expect them to pay for the neighbors car, I would have to re-read my policy.


Thx Jaquo and River rockretreat

Thank you, I’m looking into the STR now, will get all units another insurance policy. This is my second year doing airbnb, i’m a superhost with about over 500 stay already, everything was going so well, this incident is really a big wake up call. i’m so happy that i found this forum today!

Now, i think just wait for airbnb and police respond and see what should i do next. If things get complicated, get an attorney to handle this. Whether airbnb or guest pay for the cost or not, i will be responsible for what happened and pay for it, deductible or the whole repair. will certainly keep the community updated.



Because you’re new to this,I’d really recommend that you read here a LOT, As I said before most of us here are experienced hosts, superhosts and have lots and lots of experience of many situations. But we also are pretty good at stopping trouble before it starts :slight_smile:

Just see the forum as an Airbnb Online University!