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Please evaulate us so we can frame a inquiry

Honesty is the best policy, right. Ok please consider us as if you do not know us on this forums and we are complete strangers.

We will declare this to our host in order to rent private rooms in three states and we are scared because it will be our first guest experience and reviews.

  1. We really want a private bathroom because husband is up twice in the dead middle of the night to use bathroom, but he knows that I am a super light sleeper so he has learned to be very quiet.

  2. We will be out most of the day but the mornings are really important to us so said bathroom we will be in. 20 mins at a time.

  3. We will not cook, since we plan to cook at my brother in laws house for the whole family, but we need the microwave to heat a biscuit and coffee in the morning. But I am a excellent cook and I am willing to make a Fabulous Cuban meal if you ask.

  4. Hubby is a Duke grad and likes to reminisce and he is a history buff, I can tame him and he has learned my clues of enough is enough but any odd tidbit of history will prolong him into hours long conversations with random strangers (I know I love the professor lug in him but understand the need for tidy conversations) This last point is just between me and him but as a host would this really put you off when I bring him in?

4A. I am a Superhost with 5 stars rating on 56 reviews are you ok with that or do we make you nervous.

  1. please be as honest as you can so I can word my inquiries.
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Hi @Carmen,

There are a bunch of (mostly fairly minor) grammatical errors and so forth in your message. Do you want feedback on those, or not?

I would leave out the history part of your husband. If he likes to converse about history that’s his character and unique to him, could even be an advantage to have such a knowledge able person around, bit the way you put it sounds like he is very annoying and need to checking up on him.

Other than that your inquiry is lovely.

I switch from Spanish to English in my brain so this happens quite a lot. I also have something else that makes this a lot worse for me. I will try to word my inquiries with as much grammar correct wording that I can.

Actually, I love this! Our rental was built in 1949 (perfect Mid Century Modern) and I love the history of the place and the whole area.

I love guests who appreciate our history :slight_smile:

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He IS annoying at least to me in this respect, since he KNOWS anything to the freaking tiniest tidbit about everything history wise. I will not let the host know this but just a inside so I could tell him to just curtail it!

I will ask Hubby, for your area, since he loves to look this up. Hubby figured out our place and it’s history and our guest love it.

I think the vast majority of people would like a private bathroom, given the choice. You don’t need to explain why. So, I’d leave out the part about your husband getting up to pee. Also, I wouldn’t include the part about you being a light sleeper.

(You already know this about yourself, and I assume you will choose places where a quiet night is possible, I.e not Bourbon Street or Times Square on NYE etc) No need to give the host the idea that you might be complaining about noise

That’s what I meant, that her husband is an asset in the terms of history and could be an advantage of having such a guest instead of an annoyance. But writing this to the host makes no sense, to me that is. I would prefer he showed up and if the atmosphere is propense to that type of conversation I would love to hear. But no need to give me a heads up on that or saying he can go overboard even prior to arrival. That would make me think that they want a available host to chat all the time, even if that isn’t their goal.

Btw, do you rent a room or entire place?

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Vera we rent a entire place but on our road trip to we are looking to book private rooms to save money since it is a potential 11-14 day trip.

My suggestion: 1-mention that it is a 14 day Road trip AnD the purpose, ask if it is a private bathroom whithout explaining the reason, say you are quiet and respect the host as you are a host yourself, ask if they have any question and that you would love to answer promptly to any question.

If they don’t have private bathroom then you need to explain that you would take about 20min each in the morning. I would feel you both are good guests and are looking to respect my place and me.

I rent 2 bedrooms in my apartment. They share one bathroom (we have our own and don’t share with guests)

READ the listings, and if one does not say Private Bath, don’t bother to inquire. Or if it suits in every other way, inquire about the kind of bath. Don’t explain why, it’s not necessary. Just ask “does this listing have a private bath or shared bath”.

If you carefully READ a listing, most or all of your questions/concerns will be answered – private bath, microwave or kitchen access mornings, but no cooking, etc.

No need to explain about cooking details, or volunteer your services as a cook.

Garrulousness of your history hubby is not an issue. IMHO neither is your “Superhost” status. Am I supposed to be intimidated by a Superhost? I there an appropriate protocol of bowing and scraping we lesser mortals must attain to? These two things do not need to be brought up in an inquiry.

I agree Carmen… You may be going overboard offering all this info… And you may come off as a bit eccentric!

Agree with Ken…just read the listing and if the private bath issue is not disclosed, then ask. Otherwise, keep your questions to a minimum. I sometimes get put off by guests who volunteer too much or ask too many questions…I worry they might be hand-wringing and overly nervous and might decline them! (This is because I have had a hand wringing, question asking guest leave a laundry list of things he didn’t like in a review, so I am wary of them!)

I thought it was funny. I’m kind of like that too, though about everything, not just about history. I tend to jump around on tangents as things occur to me. Kind of like Nightcrawler. An acquaintance once described a conversation with me as being about “everything”. Though I’m not exactly the Ancient Mariner type - I shut up pretty quickly if it’s obvious people are not on the same page. Plus I don’t do monologues.

Anyway, I thought that was a charming bit, but maybe not everyone will feel the same way. Dunno.

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I make grammatical errors in all 5 languages i speak, noone seems to care, lol


Your husband will be good friend with mine, my husband is a story teller also. WHen he takes a stand, thats it, my night is over, hehe


Really, if I get a reservation request like that, i will instantly hit “reject”.

The whole thing just screams “high demanding, high maintenance”.
With such demands, you should book an entire appartment, not just a private room.

And the need for you to mention the whole supperhost thing is just pure arrogance.
“I am better than you, does that make you nervous?”

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I think you mean well but I feel there’s just too much information here.
I’ve never been a guest, so what would I know! But most of my guests have just said who they are, why they are coming and some ask if the house is available (don’t know why the latter as the calender says it is, so of course it is!)
Saying you are a superhost and asking if that makes them nervous would just put it into their heads that perhaps it should make them nervous!
Less is best, they can always ask you for more details if they need.


The reason I mentioned that super host thing is not because of arrogance but because we do not have a review as a guest yet and when they look at our profile it will come up.

Well, grammatical errors don’t rank particularly high on the scale of world threats. But they do make my OCD kick up a storm.

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