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Please enjoy my self-inflicted misery - the worst guest I've ever had

I am sorry that happened to you (both) but it made me feel a little better that I am not the only one who gets the occasional unhinged whack-job. I had one last summer who could not figure anything out. It was awful. Airbnb took down her review, at my request, because she complained bitterly of amenities that were never on offer (like a full breakfast). I did laugh when the private comments were helpfully addressed to a future guest who might be considering my place.


Any way of reporting her to Airbnb?

She didn’t come via airbnb,otherwise I’d have gladly pushed the refund to them instead!

Too, too funny.

I had three sisters to stay one December who were all a bloody nightmare. I was made to feel, very rudely so, unwelcome in my very own home!

I left a factual review at the last moment, with a “wouldn’t host again”, then I got to read the one they’d already left, which was fine/5*.

It was a few months later, when I was idling through reviews and profiles as you do when bored, that I found she’d somehow managed to seemingly retaliate in fine style. Unfortunately for her, she managed to post this on her profile for all to see. When compared to her proper review, it was furiously detailed bag of lies. Too funny.


One of my guests helpfully addressed her private comments to Airbnb as a sort of job performance review.
She told them all about me.
“The host is friendly and knowledgeable.” Okay, that’s cool.
More in that vein such as, “She offered us breakfast,” and “There was firewood,” followed, then, “She moves quickly through the woods.” Bit creepy, but sure, I guess.
Happy that she didn’t add “for her age.”


How did you find out she had done that? Or you mean she sent it to you as private feedback but addressed it to Airbnb?
Ah, never mind, I get it- she sent private feedback to you but spoke of you in the third person.


Yeah. I’ve had a few guests do that third person thing in the private feedback. It’s as if they think it’s private between them and Airbnb instead of with the host. One guest said, “I recommend that you give JJ a raise!”. I think we all know how that turned out :rofl:


I think this is the same woman I hired as a house cleaner. She proceeded to tell me that she had perfected vacuuming to leave no marks. I told her that my client didn’t want to pay for an extra hour of time for no vacuum marks. She then told me that that is why she gives an hour for free. I reminded her it was MY business a d I dont give away time. I believe that’s when she told me that the Russians use mind control. Uh oh. You are fired!!


Great first post @sandye546 Welcome to the forum!



If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Oh! I had figured @Joan’s guest replied to Joan’s review on the guest’s profile with a rant!

The fact that guests don’t understand private feedback is for the host has saved me a few times. I’ve had two guests over the years who were mad I enforced my extra guest fee and complained “to AirBnB” in the private feedback rather than public feedback. Still got three star ratings for collecting that extra $15 from the sneaky sneakers though. :frowning:

@Xena, you figured correctly! It was really funny to read such a rant on her own profile. I was never able to figure out for myself how she managed to do so.

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It still baffles me that guests and hosts alike can’t figure out what is public and what is private. At least it makes for a good chuckle when we come across unhinged rants on AirBnB.


When you see an interview like this going south, my advice is to lie. There, I said it. You can blame me. But at some point, push has come to shove. You know that this guest is going to be a disaster, and you need to get out of this immediately.

“I can see that my place is creating issues for you. I am so sorry. Here is a full refund. Just sign here”
“Oh no no no. You are too kind. But I already have someone lined up. It’s really no problem.”
“But you will find something else immediately!”
“I am so very sorry. I am afraid I have to ask you to leave.”

If possible, call someone else to be present. Or call the police.

Here in Hooterville, renting during the pandemic has brought out the absolute worst in people. My point being that you aren’t alone! I just avoid the whole thing.

I love horror show so much…

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