Please don't plot my murder but here's how to make a listing disappear

From search results…
And you know what? This honestly left me gobsmacked no matter how logical it is.

When I was searching for a place for the inlaws, I left the search screen entered with my dates and all my filters and hit book but didn’t proceed to ultimately complete the booking for more than 24 hours. This was on my laptop.

When I actually went to confirm booking and pay (5 steps later or what have you), I attempted to do so on my phone. I couldn’t locate the listing (even with all if the info entered several different ways and scrolling through page upon page).

I can only assume that it blocks dates out pre-emptively…and the listing hangs there in limbo. Can anyone else confirm ? I would think that after 10 to 20 minutes, it would automatically spit you back actually! Just like the bank atm, for example…or buying from Ticketmaster (where they give you 10 minutes to secure the seats).

I went back to my laptop and booked it just as I had never left my seat.

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That’s a little disconcerting. ABB seems so glitchy in general. I changed and updated pricing and availability today, then checked on everything (I logged out and opened an Incognito Chrome window) to make sure all was as it should be, and my listing was not showing up for awhile on my available dates. Then it showed up, but with old pricing. Ahhhhh…I can’t think about this stuff too much. It just makes my head swim.

Seriously! And more info changes daily. I can’t keep up.

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I don’t know about this specific case but I know in general it seems like listings appear and disappear willy nilly all the time. I wonder if that’s why people will say “it’s gotten quiet all of a sudden” and then a few days later “all is well, I got three bookings this morning.” I wonder if Airbnb rotates and “disappears” listings to give more people a chance to get booked. If they didn’t some hosts would never get a booking because there is just too much competition in most places.


May be worth doing a couple tests on our own listings and see if and when we are affected.

But you are absolutely right. I sometimes feel that listings disappear at will. Sometimes the slightest filter applied can throw it off too.

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