Please check my review

I have to write my first bad review and want to make sure I’m not saying anything that could get it removed.
How does this sound? Less or more needed? There were drugs but it doesn’t seem like a good idea to mention it. It could have been baking powder, I have no proof except for the empty bags.

Xxx booked for 5 guests for one night to see ‘dinner and a show’ in Brisbane. I didn’t have the chance to meet xx until I received a message at 10pm from a neighbour advising me it sounds like there was a raucous party happening. On arrival I found at least 10 guests drinking and playing music celebrating a bachelor party. Xx was helpful in getting everyone out and moving the party into town. The house was left reasonably clean on departure and nothing was damaged.

I don’t get it. Are you saying xx turned out to be okay even after hosting a raucous possible drug using party? Are you recommending them ?

I wouldn’t say anything good, he negated anything good by throwing a party.

Remove the last two lines?

I think when it comes to a bad review it’s all bad. You either recommend them or you don’t. Just because the house was left clean doesn’t mean that all’s well that ends well.

do you have ‘no parties or events’ in your house rules? If so, I’d just stick to the facts; you’re unable to recommend this guest as he broke your house rules by throwing a party in your listing.


I do have a no parties or events rule and something about no additional guests. You are right. I will delete the last 2 lines and add the broken house rules sentence.
There is nothing good about a coke head having a party at your Airbnb. I just felt kind of bad saything nothing nice because he did get them all out of there really quick and was nice about me showing up. It could have gone so much worse.


But but, listen to yourself. You mustn’t be a shrinking violet with these guests. Im glad he was nice and yes it could have been worse, but honestly, you cannot reward anyone with even a speck of goodness after what he put you through. It never ever should have happened. And you have no reason at all to feel bad for giving h8m the review he deserves. Do wait until the las minute to post it though.


You’ve gone from no proof except bags and possibly baking powder to a coke head? That’s a pretty big leap! I don’t do drugs but I think that’s not uncommon at a bachelor party where people are trying to reclaim their youth and party on, they might never have done drugs before or for 20 years so hardly a coke head…glad they didn’t trash your nice house though

I know they probably aren’t coke heads. Apart from the party they actually seemed like really nice guys. Part of the reason why I didn’t feel ok leaving an all bad review. I will feel even less like it if I wait the 2 weeks to leave the review. How bad can it be if I post the review now while I’m still holding on to some of my anger?

No the reason you wait is because if you post it now he may be prompted to write a bad one because he knows the stay didn’t go well. It’s two weeks exactly from the time stamp on the first email notification you received to review. Have it written and with two minutes to go, cut and paste, then let it fly.

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