Planning to rent out unusual accommodation

We are thinking of renting out unusual place to stay.
Short story: accommodation is medieval-alchemist style with quest room elements. You can solve puzzles to find things like local snacks/sweets/drinks. Place is in very central part of capital city, close to all shops, restaurants and transport.
Supposed to be rent for 1 night, for those who are looking for diving in medieval living experience.
Is this idea good and could we use airbnb to rent it? Thank you!

sounds fun, where is it?

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Riga Old town. Latvia.

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Interesting idea, and you could certainly use AirBnb to book guests. However, I’m not sure the basic concept has enough attraction to get you a lot of bookings.

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My son and his friend had a blast in Prague with the puzzle rooms… (I don’t know if I am using the right term) … but where you look for all these clues to get to the next level. Super fun for kids in their 20s apparently, so you may be on to something. And the places weren’t cheap. I want to say it was like $50US to do the puzzle room and they said it was one of the best things they did in Prague. Know what I am talking about??

This was it.
People LOVE them

Sounds great. As long as you make it clear that people don’t have to find puzzles if they just want accommodation.