Place to advertise ideal potential airbnb property

Any ideas on where to look for an airbnb investor? I have the IDEAL property for airbnb (lakefront luxury home in a small town, which is easily accessible by 4 lane highways in all directions and within 2 hours drive from 3 major metropolitan cities. This would be great for those who would like to “get away from it all” because of it’s location and picturesque beauty and wildlife. This would be highly profitable for anyone who is willing to start a bnb in this property. How and where should I advertise to let potential owners and investors know that such property exists ? It is ideal because it is less than ten minutes from an interstate exit, yet there are no zoning restrictions, with natural lake in it’s backyard ( fishing, canoeing, kayaking year round!) No one is going to search by the zip code or town’s name because there are no major industries here any more but it has excellent potential as a B&B or airbnb. Any advise on marketing such a unique property is appreciated. TIA

Silly question…but why aren’t you running it as a STR yourself if it’s such a moneymaker?


How many Airbnb are there In your area?

Is it a popular tourist destination?

You can’t state as a fact that ‘this would be a highly profitable Airbnb business’ without having done your research on potential footfall, charge out rates and the cost of setting up and operating an STR.

Your local estate agents are best placed to advise you on how to reach the investor market @Sheila

Maybe she is “a local estate agent”.




There is a lovely little Airbnb listing out in the boonies near my town that is really beautiful, has an excellent description, all of the reviews talk about how nice both the property and the hosts are… and it is booked maybe once every two months. Nobody is going to find your

unless they have another reason to search that area for their stay. As always, location matters.


It’s a crummy time to jump into this industry.
The listing sites are money grabbers, property is priced high, the competion is severe, and the work is hard.
Sounds like a lovely home for a growing family.


I think one of us was supposed to fall hard for this and beg to be directed where to send our money.