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Place is outdated


There’s listing near me with the same look. He calls his rooms “zen” but they are really just ugly. Same crates, two different aesthetics. I was going to post the picture but his listing…all his listings are suddenly missing. LOL.

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I love that idea, Miss Swan. Ty : )

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Wow! You’re good, Allison : )


Agree with the description suggestions – if there’s something dated, nonstandard or weird about your place, make it a feature! “Bohemian,” “Thrift Store Chic with Great Amenities!” “Like Visiting Grandma.”
Another tactic I use is to layer on the inexpensive amenities when you can’t do a thing about the odd layout or hand me down furniture, such as a display of super-tough potted plants that thrive on neglect, 6 different kinds of tea bags, a tote bag and water bottle visitors can borrow, twinkle lights on the railing, etc.
Or make it a themed space. There’s a kid in all of us that likes to go to Disneyland theme parks.


Aw, sweet suggestions. ty. And I’m a big fan of twinkly lights…have to have 'em : )

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My new place in Philly is so tiny, these are my “nightstands” (spent a bit more than you, Allison, but did get 'em on sale)


You obviously have a very good eye, Allison … I really like the way you’ve got contrast colours in the twin room but linked the geometric patterns on rug and headboards - very clever! You’ve also reminded me that I love those ball lights and keep meaning to buy some …

I also like One Chic Retreat, though I have to say that her idea of “inexpensive” and mine don’t quite tally!


I’ve noticed that in a lot of the “Plus” listings they are fond of painting old side tables in a really bright, mismatched colour - shocking pink for example. I am so over the term “a pop of colour” but I guess that’s what it is …

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No kidding! She had a list of “must-have” items that included a $400+ trash can. LOL. As if.:roll_eyes::rofl:

But her Wildflower decor article was a lightbulb moment for me! I LOVE that way of describing how some rooms “work”.

@mypictonhouse Painting the tables the same color would help a lot!

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Ooh. That’s really stylish. Nice find!

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Add more photos, perhaps. I think it’s more advantageous to show than tell. Video?


How about “country chic”?



This is one of 7 listings that we have… hope it helps.

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My place is kind of a mixture of outdated and renovated. The kitchen was redone 8 years ago, and looks fairly modern.

The upstairs, on the other hand, has ugly vinyl faux parquet flooring. (For some reason the previous owners put this on top of the nice hardwood. I need to figure out how to get the vinyl off without damaging the hardwood below. On the to-do list…)

We have window AC units as opposed to central. They are newish, though, and I clean the filters obsessively to prevent that gross cat pee smell that can happen.

In the listing I call our place a modest, little house that is a family home as opposed to a sterile and anonymous hotel or investment property.

See pics of kitchen and upstairs flooring.


Personally, this is my kind of place. I would love to stay here : )


I had some vinyl tiles that came up fairly easily. I would guess the floor will have to be refinished anyway, right? Try some heat as in an iron or blow dryer or heat gun to see if that helps soften the adhesive. It gets harder and more brittle as it ages.

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Cindy: I think because you’re in “manage-your-space” mode, I don’t have access to look.


Your place looks great gardengnome. There’s no reason to update that from what I can tell.


My entire 1868 century home’s pine floors were covered with layers of flooring AND carpeting that were glued down from wall to wall. I tried a lot of methods, but the best was heat gun and scraper. It’s hard work and you’ll probably want to sand anyway before finishing your floors, but you should be able to do this without damaging the floors.


My cottage is old… about 400 years in some areas, with a couple of lumpy plaster walls that I suspect hide lumpy wattle and daub! Thankfully, it’s still ok here in rural Somerset to have mismatched furniture (some painted), stone or slate floors and decidedly wonky low doors. I’m aiming for a vibe that says put your feet up, relax and be comfortable here; it’s also helpful that many local cafes and pubs have signs that welcome muddy boots and dogs - sort of sets the tone for this sleepy part of the world!

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